A Chronicle of Mary's Life

Holy Mary. 6-12

Mother of God. 6-16; 87-86.

Elect and predestined from all eternity. 6-7.

Daughter of God the Father. 10-5; 5B-362.

Mother of God the Son. 6-7.

Spouse of the Holy Ghost. 10-5.

Expected by the patriarchs. 6-7.

Foretold by the prophets. 6-7.

Desired by all nations. 6-7.

The joy of Israel. 6-8.

The glory of Jerusalem. 6-8.

Immaculate Conception. 66E-24.

The new Eve. 1-12.

The purest, the fairest, the holiest of all things created. 6-14.

A pilgrim in the world. 5E-604.

Angelic betrothed of Joseph, the Just. 10-40.

The Blessed Virgin. 10-30.

Our Lady of Nazareth. 10-30; 72-45.

Our Lady of the Annunciation. 10-7.

The virgin who is to conceive and bear a son whose name will be called Emmanuel. 87-87.

Our Lady of the visitation. 10-7.

Our Lady of Bethlehem. 10-30.

Our Lady of the nativity. 10-7.

Mother of the Infant Savior. 10-9.

Our Lady of the presentation. 10-7.

Our Lady of the purification. 10-7.

Illustrious exile in Egypt's land. 10-40.

Mother of the Crucified. 6-18; 5D-655.

Sorrowful mother. 6-18.

Stricken mother on Calvary's mount. 10-40.

Queen of martyrs. 6-19.

Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. 20-257.

Our Lady of the Cenacle. 6-11.

Queen of apostles. 6-19.

Widow of Ephesus, perpetual Eucharistic adorer. 10-40.

Daily communicant at the Beloved Disciple's mass. 10-40.

Our Lady of the assumption. 10-7; 72-116.

Our Lady of the coronation. 10-7.

Queen of angels and men. 6-19.

Queen of the Church militant. 10-21.

Queen of the Church suffering. 10-21.

Queen of the Church triumphant. 10-21.

Mother of the Church. 88-5; 10-19.

Mother of perpetual help. 6-16.

Advocate of sinners. 6-7.

Our intercessor and advocate at the hour of death and judgment. 6-7.

A sign of sure hope and solace for the Pilgrim People of God. 87-95.

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