Saltmine Chapel, Zipaquira, Cundinamarca
Chapelle de mine de sel, Zipaquira, Cundinamarca
Date: 05/12/1958; 
Scott: 688; Y&T: 553






La nativité
Date: 08/28/1962; 
Scott: C 439;

Y&T: 421;
Artist: Gregorio Vasquez (1638-1711)


La nativité
Scott: 723; Y&T: 586;
Artist: Gregorio de Arce Vasquez y Ceballos (1638-1711)






Virgin of the Rock
La Vierge du rocher
Date: 03/11/1963; 
Scott: 750; Y&T: 610




The Marriage of the Virgin
Le mariage de la Vierge
Date: 08/13/1968; 
Scott: 779; Y&T: 639;
Artist: Baltazar de Figuera (1629-1667)





St. Isodoro and Nativity
Saint Isidore et la Nativité
Date: 09/26/1960; 
Scott: C 388; 
Y&T: B/F20






Date: 03/12/1975; 
Scott: C 618; Y&T: 587;
Santafereña School,
17th & 18th centuries

Virgin and Child
La Vierge et l'Enfant
Date: 11/28/1978; 
Scott: C 671; Y&T: 634;
Artist: Gregorio Vasquez (1638-1711)

Legend:  SCOTT = Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue issued by: Scott Publishing Co.
             Y&T = Catalogue Yvert et Tellier
             B/F = Bloc/Feuillet

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