Belize lies on the southeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, and is bordered by Mexico on the north, Guatemala on the south and west, and the Caribbean Sea on the east. More than half of the people live on the coast. Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language, and people of African descent make up the largest part of the population. This country became an independent nation in 1981. It had been a British colony since 1862. From its colonial days until 1973, Belize was called British Honduras. Belize began printing its stamps in 1973.


Madonna and Child
La Madone et l'Enfant
Date: 12/30/1890
Scott: 534
Y&T : B/F21

La nativitÚ
Date: 12/30/1980
Scott: 533
Y&T: B/F20


Adoration of the Magi
L'adoration des Mages
Date: 12/30/1980
Scott: 532
Y&T: 511

Mary, Jesus, Angel
Marie, JÚsus, Ange
Date: 12/30/1980
Scott: 531
Y&T: 510


Flight into Egypt
La fuite en Egypte
Date: 12/30/1980
Scott: 529
Y&T: 508

La nativitÚ
Date: 12/30/1980
Scott: 528
Y&T: 507


Holy Family
La Sainte Famille
Date 12/30/1980
Scott: 527
Y&T: 506

Date: 12/30/1980
Scott: 525
Y&T: 504


(Thatched Hut with children)

La nativitÚ (Hutte de chaume et des enfants)
Date: 12/30/1980
Scott: 371
Y&T: 359

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