Canada is in the northern part of North America where it borders the United States with the Atlantic, Pacific and Artic oceans.   It is mountainous in the west, and then slopes away to flat, and rolling hills,  where there are low mountain ranges in the east.  Canada shares the Great Lakes with the United States.  Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of Canada and appoints a governor general to represent her in all matters.  There are two official languages spoken in Canada, English and French.  Canada began their stamp program in 1851, and printing of Mary stamps began in 1968.

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Eskimo Family
Famille esquimaude
Date: 11/01/1968
Scott: 488; Y&T: 409;
Artist: Eskimo Soapstone Carvings
Sculpture esquimaude en steatite (pierre à savon)


Mother and Child
La mère et l'Enfant
Date: 11/15/1968
Scott: 489; Y&T: 410;
Artist: Munamee




La nativité
Date: 11/01/1974
Scott: 650; Y&T: 550;
Artist: Jean-Paul Lemieux


La nativité
Date: 10/22/1975
Scott: 676;

Y&T: 586; Artist: Canadian School Child Enfant d'école canadien



La nativité
Date: 11/03/1976
Scott: 697; Y&T: 615
Stained-Glass Window-

St. Michael's, Toronto
Verrière-St. Michael, Toronto

La nativité
Date: 11/03/1976
Scott: 698; Y&T: 616
Stained-Glass Window

St. Jude, London, Ontario
Verrière-St. Jude, London, Ontario


Legend:  SCOTT = Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue issued by: Scott Publishing Co.
             Y&T = Catalogue Yvert et Tellier
             B/F = Bloc/Feuillet

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