Brazil is the largest country in South America, and occupies almost half of the continent with more people than all of the other South America nations.   Brazil has the largest tropical rain forests, which take up most of the northern part of Brazil. The Amazon and other rivers wind through steamy jungles and large amounts of enormous trees.  Mountains rise up north of the forest, and borders the Atlantic Ocean and the southwest.  Fertile farmlands and grazing areas occupy the southern part of Brazil, and long, beautiful white beaches take up the entire Atlantic Ocean coast of Brazil.  About half of the country's population are of European ancestry - mostly German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.  There are many Brazilians of mixed African and European ancestry, of which only one percent are original Brazilians.  Brazil began printing its stamps in 1843.


Our Lady of Globe 
  Centenary of the Daughters of Charity in Brazil.
Notre-Dame du Globe-Centenaire des Filles de la Charité au Brésil.
Date: 05/31/1950;Scott: 695; Y&T: 483

Our Lady of Aparecida and Map of Brazil.
Norte-Dame d'Aparecida et 
carte du Brésil.
Date: 09/09/1954; Scott: 805; 

 Y&T: 586



Virgin Standing on Globe
Centenary of the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.
La Vierge debout 

sur un globe terrestre-Centenaire de la proclamation du dogme de l'Immaculée Conception.
Date: 09/06/1954; Scott: 806; Y&T: 587




The fiftieth Anniversary of the operation in Brazil of the Order of the Blessed Heart of Mary.
50e anniversaire du travail au Brésil de l'ordre du Sacré-Coeur
de Marie.
Date: 03/13/1961; Scott: 916; 
Y&T: 916





Madonna and Child
La Madone et l'Enfant
Date: 12/08/1966; 
Scott:: 1030; Y&T: 808

Madonna and Child
La Madone et l'Enfant
Date: 12/22/1966; Scott: 1031; 
Y&T: 809

Madonna and  Child
La Madone et l'Enfant
Date: 12/28/1966; 
Scott: 1031a; Y&T: 810

Madonna and Child
La Madone et l'Enfant
Date: 05/14/1967: Scott: 1048; 
Y&T: 822; Artist: Robert Ferruzi

On the facade of the church at Franca
Sur la facade de l'eglise de Franca
Date: 09/07/56
Scott: 839; Y & T: 621


  Legend:  SCOTT = Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue issued by: Scott Publishing Co.
                Y&T = Catalogue Yvert et Tellier
                B/F = Bloc/Feuillet

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