Stamps from Cameroon
French Cameroon became independent in 1960 as the Republic of Cameroon. The following year the southern portion of neighboring British Cameroon voted to merge with the new country to form the Federal Republic of Cameroon. In 1972, a new constitution replaced the federation with a unitary state, the United Republic of Cameroon. The country has generally enjoyed stability, which has permitted the development of agriculture, roads, and railways, as well as a petroleum industry. Despite slow movement toward democratic reform, political power remains firmly in the hands of President Paul Biya.

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The Repulic of the Cameroon began printing their stamps in 1897. Printing of Mary stamps began in 1971.



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Virgin and Child

Madonna with Angels

Madonna of the Rose Arbor

Chancellor Rolin Madonna


Virgin of Autumn

Virgin and Child

The Burning Bush

Adoration of the Kings

Adoration of the Shepherds

Adoration of the KIngs

Madonna and Child

The Newborn

Souvenir Sheet


The Deposition


Madonna of the Grand Duke

Virgin and Child with Four Saints

Adoration of the Shepherds

Burial of Christ


Rest during the Flight in Egypt

Flight into Egypt



Triptych of the Burning Bush

San Zeno Alterpiece

Flight into Egypt

The Deposition

Descent from the Cross

Pietá in the Countryside

Rest During Flight into Egypt


Crèche - Holy Family

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