Basilica of the AnnunciationIn the crypt can be seen vestiges of the first Byzantine church, which was superseded by the large church of the Crusaders. The little Grotto of the Annunciation bears a Greek graffito: Khaire Maria (Hail Mary).


Basilica of the NativityThis is the only church in Palestine, which has preserved its original architecture: the columns of Constantine (325) and the triloate apse of Justinian (540).


Church of the DormitionChristians gave the name dormition to the passing of the Virgin Mary from this world to heaven. Byzantine tradition places the occurrence not far from the Cenacle. The Benedictines who also are its guardians rebuilt the present Basilica in 1898.


Church of the VisitationAin Karim is a village located in the hill country of Judea about five miles southwest of Jerusalem. The village was the home of Zachary and Elizabeth, the parents of John the Baptist. A large yet unpretentious church is surrounded by a terrain, which makes it possible to meditate on the event of the Visitation undisturbed.

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