No words, a message in silence:
as Christ's mother came
to a torn, hurting world,
and she never spoke,
millions saw
at Zeitoun
the place of
Kyrie eleison. Lord, feed us with the
oil of healing, the oil of light, the oil
of anointing in a holy life.

Once before, there she made a stay:
a resting refugee,
hidden by the delta,
a presence waiting
with few to see
at Zeitoun
the place of
Kyrie eleison. Yonah, little dove, a messenger from above, loving message in flight,
of living in the light.

Doves flying as a cross of lights:
the woman a brilliant crown bright,
holding her child, gliding
to his cross bending
in glory
at Zeitoun
the place of
Kyrie eleison.  Sweeter than any offering,
rising in clouds, surrounding and abounding
in signs resounding.

Christian, Muslim, Jew, and doubter:
thronging to see the light,
shapes recognized glowing
in silence proclaiming
drawing a oneness
at Zeitoun
the place of repentance.
Walk while you have the light. so the darkness does not overcome you.
While you have the light, believe in the light,
so you may become children of the light.
John 12:35 -36

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