. . .She “knew” the Lord


Therefore, a man leaves

his father and his mother

and cleaves to his wife,

becoming one in flesh. Genesis 2:24


Like man for wife yearning,

two completed in one,

as love in love burning:

God’s creation plan done.


Miryam “knew” no man,

a seed of trust her part,

love of God with passion,

humankind’s hope, the start.


… She who “bore” the Lord


Before I formed you in the womb

God knew you, and before you

were born I consecrated you. Jeremiah 1:5


God knew Mary blessing her,

prophetess in God’s land,

faith like ours yet deeper –

married, without a band.


Gentle mother wrapping

life with love in her womb,

something like awaiting

his rebirth from the tomb.


… She who is wife unwedded


Rejoice, bridal chamber

of seedless marriage

O Rejoice bride unwedded. Akathistos Hymn, Fourth Stasis


Rejoice for little things

wife-mothers do all day.

In marriage, life she brings,

One among us to stay.


Theos, God offers love:

Deus, New Creation …

joins mother in one-ness

with Presence, poesis.

Mary, mother of life,

the theopoiesis,

Mary, wife and mother,
Deo in excelsis


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