Lent brings discovery ...
to find our  sin
and wonder when
God will understand
our lamenting plea.

There is more to see ...
for God who wails
"I remember you
loving me, then
held in my hand
across a desert sea."

[Jeremiah 2:2]

"My people forgot ...
left fountain
of living water,
digging wells
for themselves,
cracked cisterns -
that failed all thirsty.

[Jeremiah 2:13]

"Know and see
that it is evil
and bitter for me
as you forsake,
and abandon me -
your Yahweh – and
yet you have no awe."

[Jeremiah 2:19]

We have no awe?
What is our sin?

Let us count the ways:

... a mother who births a child
loves daughter with all her might
day in, day out holds her tight
and then is forgotten ...

... a mother who nurses all night,
holding tiny son so close to heart
and then is insulted,
rejected as age resulted ...

... a mother who holds her hand
year into year, in all fear,
and then is substituted
by some thing shinier,
those possessions finer ...

... a mother who is demeaned
long years after her son is weaned.

Can we see into God's heart
and discover such hurt?

We thirst to return
to God who yearns
for us,
for trust,
to remember
a Love given,
and joy is ours
who knows this pain,
giving again and again
to our grieving plea:

joy won,
by God's son!


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