For I will refresh the weary soul; every soul that languishes i will replenish. Jeremiah 31:2

A heavy stone leaned against the newly dug cliff tomb. Joseph has laid him there.

Now in the place where Jesus was crucified there was a garden, and in the garden a new tomb, in which no one had yet been buried. So they laid jesus there because of the Jewish preparation day; for the tomb was close by. John 19:41-4

Next morning, in the home’s courtyard,

like every other day, the Mother bent to lift a jug

for water at the well where it all began …

a task to help her pray. Now, all so silent,

yet Spring’s buds carry on, flowers shining

God’s praise although Creation’s Word,

the loving Christ was gone.

Death completed, where was it the faithful ran?

All who believed … wait. Just as the mother waited.

Mourning and waiting, like the moment of birth,

mourning in pain, expectant in joy,

waiting, waiting for birthed joy.


When all people who had gathered for this spectacle

saw what happened, they returned home

beating their breasts.  But all his acquaintances

stood at a distance, including the women

who had followed him from Galilee. Luke 24:48-49


Beloved younger women came to comfort her,

that long, long day of wretched anguish,

and how long had they watched where he was lain?

Relieved, at least, no longer had he pain.


Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses

watched where he was laid. Mark 15:47

Mary Magdalene and the other Mary remained

sitting there, facing the tomb. Matthew 27:61


On this bright new morning only birds could sing,

darkness lurking in the minds and souls,

human hearts laden with hurt and loss,

comforted by the Mother who grieved the most?


Let us praise Mary the Virgin, for she is the glory

 of the whole world …She has broken down dividing walls

of enmity, bringing us peace, opening up the Kingdom.

With Her as an anchor of Faith,

we have an invincible champion,

and the Lord born of her.

Take courage then, take courage, you people of God,

for He who is Almighty will vanquish any enemy. Hymn, Holy Saturday Morning of Great Holy Week.


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