Before dawn, Mary Magdalene

and the women came,

bringing spices and myrrh

to anoint the holy body.

Long before, Mary held

a baby son in Bethlehem,

in a cave visited by kings,

who lavished him with myrrh

prophesying in this a death

for the infant king of life

who would rise

treading down death -

and by his death lavish

life to those in the tombs.

The women hurried to the garden

of death to find His holy body,

but found the stone rolled away

and the tomb open … yet hearing

the voice of an angel say:
”Why do you seek the living

among the dead?”
The One who is everlasting life

is not hidden, yet not here.

See his burial shroud in the grave?
Go and tell all the world:
"The Lord is risen;
He has slain death,
for He is the Son of God,
and saves humanity!"

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