When we say that Mary prayed,
what words, what real petition was hidden in her heart?

Was it David's words she said?
"Have mercy O God, in your lovingkindness?" (Psalm 51:1)

Was her purity of soul fashioned
in gentle chant, singing "create in me O God, a whole heart”? (10)

Was this prayer of Mary alive?
"In my inmost heart you teach me wisdom"; (8) and  "sounds of joy and gladness." (10)

"Yet there we seek the LORD," (Dt 4:29)
step by step binding hearts and soul as Mary prayed, pledging her love.

Was the Great Shema Mary's prayer?
"Love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul.
... and all your strength." (Dt 6: 3)

Knowing Yahweh's promise she prayed:
"Take to heart these words which I enjoin on you today." (6)
... to make us all whole?

Well, yes, we remember.
She took the Word and kept Him carefully, grown beneath her heart,
pondering ... and pondering from the start. (Luke 2:51)

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