Walk with me into a woman’s soul

Image of mystery carried in her womb

Secluded, dark, warm and throbbing

Enclosed in love

And awesome fear

Allowing life --

Pulsing entity of God

Generates, fuses, multiplies

To replicate, communicate, die ...

Die to regenerate.


Feel the encounter with God unknown

Deep fathoms in existence, awareness

Are unexplained




Planted there to harvest endlessly

With no boundary

Pregnant in a fusing of beating heart

Hurting, human tension, with pain felt

Fetal in its impetus

Joy spoken only softly

Spoken as a word to touch, to draw,

To live through darkness vast and deep

Touching realms

Not drawn by physical law

Not explained

But known



Sheltering a word

Sheltering the Word

This is every woman.
This is Mary.


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