Long days ago I held tight my daughter’s hand
walking …
to a place I didn’t want to go:
big yellow bus promised but scary
my first child stepping on so wary
to life’s first place away from my heart
tearing away…
leaving me tears as I stand.

Middle school came with teachers we didn’t know
watching …
meeting the world’s selfish ways knowing
and wondering sadly at home, scarcely
to see time marching on so fiercely
into abandonment, anger, loss
screaming panic …
under my fake smile, just a show.

Years gone now, mother-daughter covenant ripped
waiting …
for new space, a fresh journey started
turning away that first walk so wrong
healing resolve let go in a song
day by day hope born to hold
yearning more …
abiding tender love stripped.


Chaos reigned, Creator thrust water’s death
speaking …
life’s image into man and woman
with minds and will, knowing place given
would wend them away, torn from his hand
leaving scars, love rejected, world’s lure
suffocating …
the flowing free of God’s breath.


Yet His young mother gently grasps my hand now
leading …
to her Son steadily showing how
love still bears, world smothering that Child,
God’s tears constant, like all mothers piled
with grief, but hope birthing from sorrow
raining …
newness an enduring love endows.


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