LORD is the pulse of my heart,
and there is where he abides.
"Refresh my heart in Christ" (Philemon 20)
... my Lenten cry.

I call on his name today,
"Lord Jesus, son of Living God,
have mercy on me," then he comes
... hurt passes by.

A mother's heart filled with love,
pierced often with child's neglect,
no tears they see, nor realize
... and time goes by.

Where had Jesus gone? Rome's
soldiers there to track Him down.
"Son, why have you done this to us?" (Luke 2:48)
... ask your father and I.

"Didn't you know I was at my
Father's work?" (Luke 2:49) ...  They didn't know.
She kept this in her heart, pondering
... yet not seeing why.

At her Child's presentation,
"Simeon blessed her and said:
Yes, a sword will pierce your heart" (35)
... at His cross your sighs.

Grasping, holding God's words: "Look
with all your heart, I will change your life.
For when you seek Me, you will find Me" (Jeremiah 28:13-14)
... healing your heart’s strife.

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