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The Mary Page has gathered and organized a wide variety of poems about the Virgin Mary.  We hope to show that poetry can be both a reverent and a creative way of giving honor to Our Lady.  Through the years, many Christians have used their literary talents to honor Our Blessed Lady through the art form of poetry.  Poetry is an art that evokes a complex response from the reader or listener based on meaning, sound, and rhythm.  The metrical writing in a poem helps the reader or listener to form a mental picture or an imaginative awareness of the experience presented in the text.  Often, we find that poetry is very effective at tapping into and exploring the rich imagery and symbolism the Church has used to identify Mary.  How appropriate it is, that many poets have chosen the Virgin Mary as their subject! Our presentation of Marian poetry is based on the liturgical season.  Poems are categorized according to seasons like Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.  We also have poems for Holy Days with Marian overtones like the Purification.  Many of the poems are accompanied by pictures so that the highlighted theme captures the reader's attention.  The poems and pictures were gathered from numerous sources, each of which is footnoted.  We have tried to acknowledge adequately each of our sources.


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