She was there, mourning and wondering …


in Bethany, knowing this family,

wailing when Lazarus died

although he was so ill.

She knew Mary and Martha--sisters

who seemed quite different …

both calling her son to come,

telling him:

“the one you love is dying.” John 11:3


Two long days passed before Jesus,

returning there to Judea knowing

some wanted him dead by stoning,

found Lazarus dead, sleeping

in the grave, not sleeping but

placed in a dug limestone grave,

lying there:

behind the stone for four days.


His mother remembered her son’s words:

“If they do not hear Moses and the prophets

and believe, neither will they be convinced

if some one should rise from the dead.” Luke 16:41

He called to beloved Lazarus--bound in linen,

shrouded hand and foot, death’s face wrapped,

“Come out!”
Dead man rising, untied, he came out alive.

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