Scene: The hill country

(Miryam rides a small donkey. Family members ride nearby.)

Miryam: (praying softly) Listen to my prayer, O God, don’t hide from my supplications! Stay with me and answer me, I am overcome by trouble. Psalm 33:1-2 How can I ever tell Joseph? (She rubs her abdomen.) I feel alone … there is no one by my side except you, O Lord! I only hope dear cousin Elizabeth will be there. I can’t believe she, too, has been given life by you, O God!

(Wind blows and Miryam shudders.)

Miryam: (talking to herself) Remember, God is my refuge and my strength! Adonai is present to help me in trouble. Psalm 46:1 Remember. Remember.


Scene: Approaching the home of Zachariah

Miryam: (calling) Dear family members, here we are in Judah at my cousin’s house. See, I think they’re in the outer courtyard. Zachariah: Hello, there. Is that my beloved Miryam coming?

Miryam: (turns to her family members with a smile of relief) They’re home! Praise be Yahweh! (calling to Zachariah) Beloved cousin, is Elizabeth at home?

(Elizabeth comes to the door and stands with Zachariah)

Elizabeth: Miryam! Rejoice, and come inside. (She holds her abdomen and jumps slightly.) Oh!

Zachariah: Elizabeth, what’s the matter?

Elizabeth: (whispering) Zachariah, my baby is leaping with joy, too!

Zachariah: Both of you are filled with the holy spirit of God’s life!

Elizabeth: (now embracing Miryam) Rejoice, my dear little cousin. You are the most blessed of women. Blessed is the fruit of your womb! But why am I allowed to greet you in my home? Why has Adonai granted this to me? Luke 1:42-43

Miryam: (she and Elizabeth clasp hands and joyfully turn in a circle) My soul dances with the Lord! I have hugged the joy of God. I am like Hannah! I rejoice and my heart is filled with life. (They embrace again)

Elizabeth: Happy am I because I have trusted Yahweh! Now I see the gifts our Lord will give!

Miryam: God who is mighty has done great things. Holy is His name! Luke 1:46-49

(As Elizabeth and Miryam embrace, Miryam puts her head on Elizabeth’s shoulder.)


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