Scene: At the town well, Nazareth, Galilee          Early morning, before the heat of the day


Miryam: (scooping water from the well to her lips) Ah, cool water! 

He leads me beside the still waters, He restores my soul! Psalm 23:2-3

(She lowers her bucket, singing softly.) With joy I draw water from the well,
from the well  of salvation. Give thanks to Yahweh, my LORD, give thanks to my
God, Adonai! Sing praises to my LORD; you’ve  done great things, we all know.

Shout, sing my heart. Isaiah 12:3-6

Behold, God is my salvation! I trust you, Adonai.  (She pauses and scoops water
again.) I will trust and will not be afraid!  You … LORD God, you’re my strength
and my song. (She hums softly.)  You are shalom. Isaiah 12:2

(A loud whirring sound is heard.  Miryam looks startled.)

(To herself) What was that?  (Scared, she purposefully hums and prays again.)

O, LORD, our hope in Israel ... everyone who forgets you will never have
happiness. They suffer, I know ... Please don’t let me forget you!  Everyone who
turns away from you will be like dust.  They forsake you ... They forget you are ...
you are like this fountain of living water. Jeremiah 17:13 (Dreamily) Strong women in
Galilee have been betrothed because of this well ... it gives us life.  

(A bluish light surrounds Miryam.  Another sound is heard.)

(Startled, she listens.)

Voice: (softly)

Rejoice ... Rejoice, young woman! Aren’t you full of joy! God is pleased. Adonai is with you. Come, embrace his joy!

(Miryam looks around. She trembles. Grabbing her bucket, struggling back tears, she rushes back to Joseph’s house.)

My Lord! My Lord! Help me. (She dashes into the inner courtyard of the house. Puts down the bucket and scrambles for her wool basket. Sitting close to the spinning wheel, she buries her face in a spool of purple wool.)

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