Life’s Triodion … three stages back to Being;

Life bursting with fun … back to seeing:

love, sustenance found in fasting,

and bread stretched to lasting.

Learning to discover dependence,

vulnerable, embraced by incense.


The mother knew this walk … holding

Him in birth and joy … on to dying.

Her silent presence almost shouting,

while some thought her doubting.

As mother she seized harsh reference

holding truth in patient insistence.


Great Lent takes our inner needing --

dragging, pulling us through darkening,

then birthing as Spring’s light emerges,

we find life’s spark mystically surges.

We kiss her dear icon flowering,

dropping cares in her lap, empowering.


Mothers know the pregnant path to bearing,

labor wrenched at muscles tearing …

forgotten with the first wet and wondrous smile,

newborns who can’t know it will be a while

before life’s environment of self surges

and mother waits, watching as life’s urges … 

propel the child from infanthood to godlike being,

only by mother holding in her heart how God is freeing.


N.B. The Triodion, in ancient Christian tradition, is a preparation of twenty-two days preceding Great Lent, a transfiguring from death to living that all Christians must know by dying in Christ.  In Lent, we Christians--like Hebrews who remember slavery by eating “the bread of affliction” (Deuteronomy 3:16) in preparation for Passover--will walk  the Lenten path to life, from cross to resurrection. Mary, the mother of Christ, surely fasted and prepared for Passover, embracing freedom only given by God. She accompanies us now as we gather at her knees like children, revering with a hymn (never sitting)  and touching with love her holy icon.


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