When you pray, do not look like hypocrites,”

who proudly stand and pray

in front of all. (Matthew 6:5)


“When you pray, go to an inner room,

close the door,” and say

“love” by secret wall. (6)


People ask who Mary was to Jesus

while he taught that day:

seeing his mother was there. (Matthew 12:48)


“Whoever does the will of my heavenly Father …” (50)

there’s my brother, my sister,

and my mother.


“When you fast, don’t look gloomy like hypocrites,” (Mt 6:16)

“anoint your head” with sweet oils, and “wash your face,”

so only God will know.


We see her beauty in an icon, tenderness and joy

celebrated by ring of Spring’s new bloom,

… candle’s flame burning.


And yet she fasts, garbed in the oil of Heaven’s room,

praying and praying her glow,
… His Love for all yearning

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