Christ is risen! Christ is truly risen!

The mother’s hope, her heart’s expectation,

her son’s promise that reconciliation

could come to beloved Israel,

resounded this very morning as a bell

ringing through an exhausted body,

psalms singing each pulsation of her heart,

joy flowing uncontrollably in soft tears,

every person’s unspoken but deepest fears,

buried on Joseph’s cold grave bench,

stamped shut with a heavy, huge stone,

eerie silence after the Son’s long groans,

but now, now no longer the stench

of Golgotha burning in her nose,

for on this third day … He arose!

Morning light wrapping round

night’s fear like a cloud of protection,

new light dawned, unbelievable miracle

hers but indescribable in any sound,

beyond words, beyond explanation,

spoken as awe bound in her throat

life given in death, life forever in El!


Sing to Yahweh, dance with tambourines!

[An exodus arriving in kitchen courtyard,]

and she could only cry in faith unsparingly,

remembering the prophet’s call to Israel:

Lift a voice like a trumpet blast! Isaiah 58:1

Blow the trumpet in Zion!

Proclaim a fast, call the people,

gather an assembly, tell everyone!

Bring the elders, little children

and babies at the breast. Joel 2:15-16

The mother’s neighbors, beloved friends,

dedicated, myrrh bearing women

and closest relatives, coming to hold and

embrace her, with only secret words

of joy whispered and intimately shared.

Give thanks to Yahweh on the harp,

on a ten stringed lyre, and  offer

praise, sing to Yahweh with chanting,

for truly Adonai is true, Yahweh

has showed His loving kindness! Psalm 33


Who could know the joy this Mother knew?

Who could share her pain? Who could explain?

Who could fathom then … when His death came,

as the dead came waking down the lane.

And behold, the veil of the sanctuary

was torn in two from top to bottom.

The earth quaked, rocks were split,

tombs opened, and bodies of saints

who had fallen asleep in death … arose! Matthew 27:51-52


And now with His rising, such light on this third day!

Village people hugging Mary, embracing a New Way:


Christ has risen from the dead,

trampling down death by death,

giving life to those in the grave.Acient Resurrection Hymn

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