As the day’s glow begins to ebb,

evening hearkens darkness,

our fourth week in Lent begins;

remembering Sunday’s cross,

dressed in daffodils, gold godliness

of victory to bloom, slowly

coming like birth with pangs,

labored love in timed petitions.


kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison

“Lord have mercy on our many sins.”


Each breathed plea lifting trouble

from hurt and pain, in rhythms to confess,

psalm after psalm, our need for this:

quiet night of prayer. Our yearning is

pulsing, lamenting, pleading God’s

assistance, “weary with groanings.” Psalm 6:7


Lord of the Powers, stay with us;

in times of distress,

we have no other help than you,

have mercy, please, on us. Hymn of Compline


Chanting these ancient tones,

truly faithful ones do know,

our one hope, our Theotokos,

is shelter and protection …

Intercede with your Son, our God,
to grant us all forgiveness
. Hymn of Compline


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