Polish Poetry
[Translated by Danuta Romanowska]


In Poland, honoring the Holy Mother in a most special way is an integral part of life throughout the entire country. Her picture is seen in every Polish hut, in churches, in small shops, and in magnificent chambers. Flowers and votives--perhaps a simple hand-made handkerchief or an expensive diamond—decorate the Holy Mother's pictures. Some votives—for instance, crutches left in loving thanks for a miraculous cure—are displayed in a special room near her chapels. She looks on all of these offerings with kind and loving eyes.


Throughout Polish history, thousands of legends have been told about the Holy Mother, and she has become known by hundreds of titles, such as Mother of Orphans, of the Poor, of the Military, of Students, of Consolation, of Good Counsel, of Grace, of the Scapular, of Hope, of Enduring Listening. In addition, the Polish people address the Holy Mother with names such as Counselor of the Sorrowful, Support of the Faithful, Suffering Madonna, Guardian of Faith, Melancholy Benefactress, and Victorious Holy Mother. Her titles arise from legend and historical situations that reflect the needs of Poles at particular times in history. When her people call on her faith and hope, she never fails to come to their aid. It is her close presence that sustains and uplifts the Polish people in times of suffering and sorrow as well as in times of joy.

John Paul II, Pope (d. 4/2/2005)


Fantasia of the People
We (for You)
When a Child Is Sick
Loving and Good Mother
At Supper
Ave Maria
Impression of Pilgrim Fragment 1858
Fourth Anniversary of Pope John II's Death
Mother of the Roadside Chapels
Prayer for the Successful Election of the Pope
Song IV
Holy Mother of Czestochowa
Spring from the Cycle "Immaculata"
Good and Merciful Mother
Ostra Brama
Holy Mother of the Military
Mary! You Are Our Mother
Jasna Gora Oasis
Jasna Gora Walls
They Do Not Have Wine
Our Father
The Parable of the Father
Mother's Hand
Calm Us
Stories from Old Figures
To the Immaculate
Daily Visitation
Offer to God
God Visit the Earth
Step in to My Life
Queen of May
Tune to God
Hope of Dawn
Written for the Visit of John Paul II to Zywiecczyzna...
Holy Mary, Mother of Sorrows
Ostra Brama Madonna
You Are Everything, Mary
My Request

Polish Christmas Poem
In Front of Jesus' Manger
Holiday Greeting
War Time Lullaby
Christ's Birth
Hymn to the Most Holy Mother
Fragment of Litany
Under Your Protection
My Mother's Black Rosary
Ludzmierz Bell
I Believed
Sounds of the World
Pilgrimage to the Holy Mother
Only the Word
To the Polish Pine
Wanderer's Litany
Let Us Sit Together
Mother of John Paul II
Praying Virgin
De Profundis of Maximilian Kolbe
My Mother
To Mother of God Gromnicznej
Mother's Eyes
Be My LightHouse

River Boat
Mother's Face
Listening in Love
Ave Maria
Entreaty for Your Eyes
Mother of the Living
United with You
A Short Act of Devotion to the Mother of God...
You Cried, Mother
Permit Me to Praise You, Most Holy Lady


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