Polish Poetry
[Translated by Danuta Romanowska]


WE (for YOU)

Only a song - marches with our fingers through the rosary
Flame of the olive lamp - and the litany on Sunday morning
Only the roll call - the Hejnal during the opening for the Unveiling
Medals and pictures from the pilgrim-stands for the Assumption
Only lilacs during May Days with requests and thanksgiving
And the poetry from old Polish prayer books
YOU (for Us)
YOU are the Star of the Sea during storms
- during thunder - during homelessness
With the help of angels with Polish faces and wings
YOU light the candles for GROMNICZNA
during winter storms and heavy frost
Surrounded by hungry wolves
YOU give the miraculous cures attested to by thousands of Votives
Canes from the blind - pieces of bullets from the hearts
YOU are the swallow and rainbow after the storm
The flower and butterfly m the patriotic stained glass windows
Stars and sun nse over the Polish Millennium
And Yourself in the picture frames
YOU and Your Son from Bethlehem and from Golgotha
You are the Anchor of Hope during brutal Occupation nights
And the Shield under the sleepy boy after the Resistance
YOU, the Immaculata for the KNIGHT from Oswiecim dressed in stripes
YOU gave us and the world the WHITE PILGRIM POPE
from the country of the Polish people
Queen of the Millennium of the humble nation
Which loves you and honors YOU
Mother of Forgiveness and Understanding - PRAY FOR US

Maciej Jozef Kononowicz

Krolowo Tysiaclecia
Niepokornego Naredu
Ktory Cie kocha i slawi,
0, Matko Przebaczenia,
Matko Porozumienia,
Modl sie za nami!

Maciej Jozef Kononowicz

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