Polish Poetry
[Translated by Danuta Romanowska]


Fantasia of the People

You are the sorceress.

You have eyes that look into heaven and across Earth
and see everything.

You have lips from which songs bloom, simple as
the wild flowers and fresh as spring.

You have a mouth from which, as from a rainbow
full of colors, emerges a beautiful story
such as a poet's soul composed.

You have tears as heavy as pearls and a smile
like the butterflies.

You have the naivete of a child and the wisdom of a scientist.

You are blessed since you see, hear, and understand more
than any human mind can absorb
and you have the faith of a little one.

Fantasia, with angelic wings you managed to be at the Everlasting throne to see what no
one ever saw and to tell the people about heavenly miracles.

You saw Holy Mother in the crown of seven stars and with the lark at her foot to sing for her.

Fantasia of the People, tell the unending songs so the souls
can forget the dark moments of their daily lives.

Fantasia of the People, open your treasury.

Gawalewicz, Marian



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