Adam and Eve

A Lonely God

Hear, O heavens, and listen O earth,
for the LORD has spoken:
I reared children and brought them up,
but they have rebelled against me.
Isaiah 1:2

 rejected, forlorn … spurned,
loving without return
pining, waiting … planning
while ages passed …banning
closeness. Union soon seeded,
a lover’s risk … until
in a virgin’s womb, pledge deeded,
“yes” to Yahweh’s gentle will
threaded with faith plunged
dangerously for Him, a thrill!
together, lovers, a void expunged:
the simple girl made woman
sewing us with God, she births
a wee life in dark and can
bring soft smiles upon God’s face,
at last loved and held in human embrace.

 Virginia M. Kimball, November 2009

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