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Human and Divine

squirming, pulling from her arms,
chubby hands stretch to reach the floor
giggling, rolling from his mother’s grip,
she grins as short legs wiggle and crawl away

angels sing upon this toddler’s charms
unheard, unseen as he crawls to the door
pulling, toddling – but fearing he’ll slip
mother hustles to him saying … “not today!”

tantrum erupts, a wail to “put me down”
kicking now he flails, on mother’s hip
she holds him firm, persisting calm
adventure interrupted, first steps at bay

“Creator of the Universe” waiting until he’s grown,
“In him all comes to be” with curled lip,
then crying stops, “Almighty” clasps her palm …
“Amazing Grace” snuggles to her breast to play.

by Virginia M. Kimball, November 2009

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