His Mother and Ours

Looking in those baby’s eyes -
gateways to vast, deep wells
of love and recognition
connecting you , mother of creation,
with the forgiving and silent One,
entrusting you with a dear little child –
divinity dwelling for just a while
in your warm arms, searching your breast,
unaware yet of pain and greed, test
to come elusive, so closed eyes rest.

Opening now … bright infant eyes
fix on you, awake, sensing to realize
no fading attention,
no hint of rejection,
and now we look too,
wanting to know you …
when Noel’s bells ring,
we can gladly sing
remembering, oh yes, recalling
your birth gift enthralling:
a mother’s care
a tie for us,
a messiah,
our future,
our life,
our nurture.

by Virginia M. Kimball, November 2009

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