Jesse Tree

Get Ready

Prepare to meet your God, O Israel!
Amos 4: 12

Staring mortality in the face,
we climb Advent with summer spent –
days breathing in winter’s race
transforming life to solemn Lent.

Clinging to fragile pulse of joy:
rip off our face cosmetic sealed,
cast off the thirst for sweet and toys!
Pull onward to the Light revealed

Stuff our mouth with words of prayer
reminding God our love is there
begging like Mary to prepare.
“Holy is your name!” Come impart
our aging flesh and hope-less mind
with soft glory to those so blind
in a tiny bread tenderly raised,
cultured warm in Mary’s praise.

Walking, walking holy days
to Heaven from our earth’s tomb.
Forgive, little Child, forget our greed,
help us to meet those truly in need.

… tiptoeing down stairs on Christmas morn,
hard days forgotten and joy is born.

by Virginia  M. Kimball, November 2009

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