Three Kings

Who Is This King?

What mother holds her infant son
and doesnít see a brand new king?
This virginís babe appears upon
her lap, holy reign appearing.

Cuddled in her warm protection
sweet voice of angels start to ring,
light rays slicing darkness broken
with news that only Heaven brings.

Trudging slowly through desert far
Persian leaders of wisdom left
following paths of that bright star,
to find some Romans in a rift.

A simple mother with her care
nursing a people far bereft,
hidden there in a caveís dark lair,
discovers signs that must be kept.

On offering their gifts of gold,
some frankincense, and precious myrrh (Matthew 2:11),
knelt kindly kings in winter cold,
stunned by this wee babyís Power!

by Virginia  M. Kimball, November 2009

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