Jesse Tree

Labor and Delivery

deep in obscurity in a human organ
quiet, unknown in soft, tissue space of flesh
in the silence of God’s creative hand … can
this miracle of life, mystery copulating
humanity with Un-seeable One, pulsing cells
forming the Un-formable and nourishing
in the fresh blood of a woman – though unclean
like death but pure and holy as life wells:
mitosis powered by unfathomed Power
who designed a vast expanding universe,
Hand hiding in galaxy’s center of black,
dwarfing nuclear reactions like the hell
yet flowing and growing in a female warmth,
hormones nudging breast’s milk, fetus only felt,
until the day of light when wee Creator
nudges His way through contracting birth canal,
gasping first breath, air burning His tiny lungs,
in chaos Breath-over-waters labored free,
a baby to boy to man and savior be …
life delivered to a hurting world, to see
in this painful birthing an eternity.

by Virginia M. Kimball, November 2009

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