War Time Lullaby
[Original written in Polish by Wladyslava Anna Jamroz, Translated by Danuta Romanowska]

Sleep, My Darling . . . Sleep, Little One . . .
Do not cry anymore . . . For us, today is not the worst of all.

There is a roof over this poor stable
And we have a manger, where I can lay you . . .

So what if the shed is full of holes?
No one is driving us out into the frost.
The ox and the donkey will blow their breath on Your holy feet
And I have bound straw to sleep on.

You will not be chilled
Since on the way no one pulled my veil from my head . . .
There are mothers poorer than I.
I, at least, have something with which to swaddle you.

Sleep . . . angel voices you will hear
In this same dream, white wings will bow to You.
No enemies will come during the night
No rap on the door by a rifle or bayonet.

And King Herod, my Son, is far away . . .
He will not touch you.

And our home is waiting for us in Nazareth
No one will interrupt our return home . . .
No, My Beloved, you are not the poorest in the world,
Since for bitterness you came into this world.

My Beloved! When as a human being
You desired to reconcile Divinity with suffering
Not in Bethlehem - but in Your Mother's kingdom
Should this child be born today . . .  

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