[Translated by Danuta Romanowska]


Flow out from the light of the morning rainbow,
Covered by fog, like a light garment,
Daughter of Earth -- Immaculata...
Before her the Earth in prayer is kneeling,
Towards her, homeless orphans' hands
Shine in morning prayer and rainbow ...
Flow out, covered in light fog,

Flow clean -- through the lowland earth,
Between complaints, sadness, and misfortunes...
Here a sign wakes up the fertile earth,
There beauty -- birds are quiet..
Flow... flow through the lowland earth,
in a virginal, luminous aureole,
over unfortunate orphans bursting into tears,

Over poor cottages throw happiness,
With light, wipe up the tears of the orphans
After her crossing, pains turn pale,
For she grieves for the ill-fated.
Shine... flow by the stars, through the air...
After her the breeze rustles and hums,
To her voices flow every day in the morning:

-- Wladyslaw Orkan

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