Sounds of the World (World's Sounds)
[Original written in Polish by Anna Studnicka, Translated by Danuta Romanowska]

The supple birch sings for You, Lord,
in the blast of the wind;
with pleasure she moves her body
to the beat.
Already the butterfly
has composed his song for You
and waits his turn impatiently.
Two bumblebees in a bass duet
practice before the evening concert,
a concert in which, instead of there being applause,
You, Quiet Witness,
will send a delicate breeze
and throw a bouquet of beams from the setting sun,
a concert which
will be sung for You by Life.


Singing for you flexible birch-tree the blast of wind
With pleasure ,moving her white body
To the beat-
Song for you - composed already by the butterfly
And impatiently is waiting for his turn.
Two bumble-bee in the basso-duet
practiced before evening -concert
Concert on which instead of applauses -
YOU -Quiet-Witness
Will send - delicate breeze
and throw a bouquet by the setting-Sun
CONCERT - in which—I will sing LIFE—

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