Polish Poetry
[Translated by Danuta Romanowska]



O Mary, dawn of the new world.
Mother of the living,
To you we entrust all the affairs of our lives:
Look, O Mother, on the innumerable throngs of children,
Who are not allowed to come into the world;
the poor who are overcome
by the difficulties of life;
men and women
– sacrificed in inhuman violence;
the senile and the sick killed
through indifference or false mercy.
Watch, so that all who believe in your Son
strive openly and with love to proclaim
to the people of our epoch the Gospel of life.
Obtain for them grace and the acceptance of it
as a gift always new,
the joy of celebrating it with gratitude
throughout life
and the courage of achieving and performing
the witness of it
so that they can build
along with all people of good will
a civilization of truth and love
for the worship and praise of God the Creator
who loves life.

Bl. John Paul II



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