Publication of "Mary's Flowers" Announced

"Mary's flowers have been celebrated in many art forms. Chaucer mentions the Virgin's Flower (periwinkle) in his poems. Shakespeare wrote that 'winking Mary-buds (marigolds) begin to ope their golden eyes.' Popes and saints wrote hymns comparing Mary's virtues to roses and lilies," writes Vincenzina Krymow in Mary's Flowers: Gardens, Legends and Meditations (St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1999, ISBN 0-86716-349-6, $29.95, 192 pages, hard cover).

This book is also published in Canada by Novalis, ISBN 2-89507-053-9, CDN$29.95. Contact Kathy Shaidle at Novalis, 49 Front St. E., 2nd FL, Toronto, ON, M5E 1B3. Or call 1-800-387-7164.

Krymow discusses flowers named after Mary, Mother of Jesus, and retells the ancient legends that inspired their names. She also explores Mary Gardens, small, medieval-type gardens containing flowers and herbs named after Mary.

Since medieval times, flowers have taken their names from the virtues of Mary, or events in her life. Krymow invites readers to spend time with the meditations they inspire. Mary's Flowers: Gardens, Legends and Meditations is a treasury of botanical history and lore. Thirty beautiful illustrations based on medieval woodcuts bring each bloom to colorful life. ln addition, the book contains a bibliography and index, along with a list of all flowers named after Mary's virtues, to give readers additional sources to find information.

"We honor Mary in many ways, through the Rosary, special devotions and prayers that help us contemplate Mary's qualities and virtues. In this book we offer yet another way to honor Mary, through reflecting on flowers named after her and immortalized in legends that tell us about her attributes and significant moments in her life and that of her child, Jesus. Through the meditations for each flower we experience these events with Mary and find in them meaning for our own lives," writes Krymow.

Author Vincenzina Krymow writes for local and regional publications and journals and her work appears on the Mary's Gardens home page and the Marian Library home page. Her love of Mary and roses was nurtured by her mother and her love of gardening by her father. She lives in Centerville, Ohio, with her husband, Jo.

Illustrator A. Joseph Barrish, S.M., is an artist, designer and liturgical design consultant in Dayton, Ohio. Using the graphic technique of serigraph, he hand-colored each print in this book, a practice common in hand-printed woodcuts in medieval and Renaissance Europe.

Meditations were written by M. Jean Frisk, who has a degree in sacred theology and is on the staff of the Marian Library at the University of Dayton.

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