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The religious names of the symbolical Flowers of Our Lady in St. Mary's Parish Mary Garden are displayed, together with their more familiar common names, on hand-crafted wooden markers at each flower group.

This guide provides a full list of these names, together with the scientific botanical name for each species, and a numerical key indicating the location for each in the accompanying plan of the Garden.

The numbers have been assigned in the general sequence in which you come upon the groups as you enter the Garden, from the parking lot, by the southeast corner of St. Mary's Church, and proceed through it in clockwise manner, returning to the point where you entered.

Most of the flowers indicated on the plan are biennial or perennial flowers of limited bloom duration - some spring, some summer and some fall. For Garden color through the year, selected annual flowers, as indicated, have been planted throughout the garden, as well as at the locations indicated by marker and by plan identifying number.

As you walk through the Garden, identifying the flowers and plants by their names, view the symbolical form and color of each imaginatively as it might have been seen by the faithful of the medieval countrysides: as a distillation of the quality of a mystery, virtue, event or article of reverence.

Then, take the list with you and in moments of recollection let your imagination range over all the flowers in it, rejoicing and giving thanks for their contribution to the the richness of the popular religious traditions supporting our faith.

And, in your daily life, as you encounter flowers - in field and roadside, gardens, window boxes, bouquets, florist's shops and shopping malls:

"Look on the flower, think of Mary"

Planting Plan

Plant List


 1. Sage                 Mary's Shawl         Salvia officinalis
 2. Roses                The Rosary           Rosa sp.
 3. Creeping Thyme       Mary's Bedstraw      Thymus serphyllum
 4. Lavender Cotton      St. John's Plant     Santolina chama.
 5. Everlasting          Lady Neverfade       Antennaria dioca
 6. Harebell             Lady's Thimble       Campanula rotundif.
 7. Red Yarrow           Christ's Back        Achillea millef.
 8. Wild Cranesbill      Madonna's Pins       Geramium maculatum
 9. Strawberry           Faithfulness         Fragaria vesca
10. Roman Wormwood       Lady's Needle        Artemisia pontica
11. Thistle (?)          Mary's Nettle        (?)
12. Star of Bethlehem    Bethlehem Star       Ornithogalum umbel.
13. Geranium             Madonna's Pins       Pelargonium
14. Lady Apple           Lady Apple           Pyrus Malus var.
15. Russian Sage         Perovskia            Perovskia atripl.
16. Clematis             Virgin's Bower       Clematis vitalba
17. Honeysuckle          Lady Fingers         Loniera caprifolium
18. Hydranga             Ave Maria            Hydranga macro mar.
19. Goutweed             Bishop's Weed        Aegopodium podagr.
20. Crepe Myrtle         Her Virginity        Myrtus communis
21. Angel Wing Begonia   Heart of Jesus       Begonia argentia
22. Lily-of-the Valley   Stairway to Heaven   Convallaria majel.
23. Lady's Mantle        Lady's Mantle        Alchemilla speciosa
24. Madonna Lily         Madonna Lily         Lilium speciosum
25. Peony                Mary's Rose          Paeonia officinalis
26. Veronica             Mary's Faith         Veronica longifolia
27. Rose                 Mary's Rose          Rosa sp.
28. English Lavender     Flight Into Egypt    Lavandula ang.
29. Maiden Grass         Maiden Grass         Miscanthus sp.
30A German Iris          Mary's Sword         Iris germanica
30B Valerian             Keys to Heaven       Valeriana offic.
31. Hawthorn             Mary's Berry         Craetaegus monogyna
32. Blue Phlox           Lady's Wedding       Phlox divaricata
33. Rhododendron         St. John's Mayflowr  Rhododendron
34. White Plantain Lily  Assumption Lily      Hosta plantaginea
35. Turkestan Rose       Mary's Rose          Rosa rugosa
36. Spiderwort           Lady's Tears         Tradescantia virg.
37. Loostrife            Cross-Wort           Lysimachia quadrif.
38. Foxglove             Virgin's Glove       Digitalis purpurea
39. Day Lily             Fleur de Lys         Hemerocallis lilio.
40. Blue Star            Tabernacle           Amsonia tabern.
41. Wall Pepper          Lady's Hair          Sedum acre
42. Dahlia               Churchyard Flower    Dahlia pinnata
43. Japanese Iris        Trinity              Iris japanonica
44. Pansy                Lady's Delight       Viola tricolor
45. Hemp Tree            Chaste Tree          Vitex agnus-castus
46. Boxwood              Candlemas Greens     Buxus sempervirens
47. Dogwood              Tree of the Cross    Cornus florida
48. Azalea               St. Joseph,Protector Azalea sp.
49. English Ivy          Where God Walked     Hedera helix
50. Jasmine              Lady of Snows        Jasminum azoricum
51. Guelder Rose         Lady's Pincushion    Viburnum opulus
52. Hollyhock            St. Joseph's Staff   Alcea rosea
53. Black-Eyed Susan     Golden Jerusalem     Rudbekia hirta
54. Stewartia            Purity               Camellia pseuco cam.
55. Petunia              Petunia              Petunia hybrida
56. Lantana              Sorrowful Face of M. Lantana montevi.
57. Yucca                Lord's Candle        Yucca aloifolia
58. Chrysanthemum        Three Kings          Chrysanthemum ind.
--. Impatiens            Jesus Tears          Impatiens wallerana
--. Zinnea               The Virgin           Zinnea elegans

Some Reflections

Mary's Rose. In beholding the red color of this flower, we recall that Mary is the beautiful Mystical Rose in God's garden of souls, whom he created and blessed to be the Mother of his Divine Son, Savior of the world. We pray to Mary that our souls, too, may bud forth as the rose, praising God in love.

Our Lady's Pincushion. As we look at the flower pins in their foliage cushions, we think of Our Lady's wonder and joy as she sewed garments for the Divine Redeemer she was to bear. Like Mary, we offer all our work and thoughts to God.

Our Lady's Mantle. We raise our thoughts from the blue of Our Lady's Mantle to the spiritual mantle with which Mary, Mother of the all-powerful God, and our Heavenly Mother also, mercifully protects all who turn to her for her perpetual help. We beseech her protection from all dangers.

Our Lady's Delight. Like Mary, we take delight in flowers as God's riches and artistry, showing forth the beauty of heaven on earth. We take heart that with Our Lady's merciful intercession and mediation we will see God's beauty face to face in heaven.

Photo: Vincenzina Krymow

Copyright, Mary's Gardens 1992

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