The Person of Mary:
Social Dimension (Mary and Women...)

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Documents V. The Person of Mary / 6. Social dimension (Mary and women ...)
Lumen Gentium, 1964
  • She is at the same time also united to all those who are to be saved. 53
  • By her maternal charity, she cares for the brethren of her Son, who still journey on earth. 62
Signum Magnum, 1967
  • From that moment [Annunciation] she devoted herself wholly to serving not only her heavenly Father and the Incarnate Word, but also the whole human race. 17
  • whole life [and in heaven]... was one of loving service 21
Behold Your Mother (USA), 1973
  • Mary was the person who acted on behalf of "the total remnant"; she stood out among the Lord's Poor and lowly who looked for salvation. 18
  • She is the greatest among the "lowly and poor of the Lord," whose trust in Him brings the abundant harvest. 126
  • Her poverty seemed to exclude her Son from the Davidic inheritance, but Jesus was the promised "Son of David." 126
  • Her example of concern for others, as shown at the wedding feast of Cana, will exercise its gentle influence. 137
Marialis Cultus, 1974
Redemptoris Mater, 1987
  • [Many features described are relational in context, these are not specifically graphed here.]
  • Mary "by her maternal charity, cares for the brethren of her Son who still journey on earth surrounded by dangers and difficulties, until they are led to their happy homeland." (LG 62) 40
  • [faith, entrustment] This Marian dimension of Christian life takes on special importance in relation to women and their status. In fact, femininity has a unique relationship with the Mother of the Redeemer. [invites to further study, see also the topic "femininity"] 46
The VM in Intellectual and Spiritual Formation, 1988
  • The subject of "Mary and women" has been treated many times, but it is susceptible of many different approaches, and it is a long way from being exhausted and from yielding its finest fruits; and it awaits further developments. 15 [See more under V.]
Redemptoris Custos, St. Joseph, 1989
  • "... We see that at the beginning of the New Testament, as at the beginning of the Old, there is a married couple. But whereas Adam and Eve were the source of evil which was unleashed on the world, Joseph and Mary are the summit from which holiness spreads allover the earth. The Savior began the work of salvation by this virginal and holy union, wherein is manifested his all-powerful will to purify and sanctify the family that sanctuary of love and cradle of life." [Paul VI] 7
  • He dwelt among men, within the surroundings of the Holy Family of Nazareth one of many families in this small town in galilee, one of the many families of the land of Israel. 15
  • Together with human nature, all that is human, and especially the family as the first dimension of man's existence in the world is also taken up in Christ. Within this context, Joseph's human fatherhood was also "taken up" in the mystery of Christ's Incarnation. 21
  • On the basis of this principle, [above], the words which Mary spoke to the twelve-year-old Jesus in the Temple take on their full significance: "Your father and I...have been looking for you." This is no conventional phrase: Mary's words to Jesus show the complete reality of the Incarnation present in the mystery of the Family of Nazareth. 21
Vita Consecrata, 1996
  • Having lived with Jesus and Joseph in the hidden years of Nazareth, and present at her Son's side at crucial moment of his public life, the Blessed Virgin teaches unconditional discipleship and diligent service. 28

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