Mary and the Church:
Mary and the World (ecumenism): Isalm

The charts below are direct quotes from Post-Vatican II Magisterial Documents concerning the theme, Mary and Isalm. These teachings of the Catholic Church may prove useful to include in talks, in homilies or for research. For the full title and document data, click on the abbreviation code (for example, BYM leads you to the document, Behold Your Mother). This will also lead you to the complete document on this website or assist you in locating it elsewhere.

For an index of the documents used in the study see: List of Magisterial Documents
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Documents IV. Mary and the Church / 6d. Mary and the World (ecumenism) / Islam
Sharing the Light of Faith (USA), 1979
  • The Catholic Church esteems the people of Islam. Catholics share with Moslems certain beliefs; ... in Mary as the virgin mother. 78
The VM in Intellectual and Spiritual Formation, 1988
  • also studied Islam, in which Mary is venerated as holy Mother of Christ. 14

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