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The charts below are direct quotes from Post-Vatican II Magisterial Documents concerning the theme, Mary and Jesus Christ: Additional Themes. These teachings of the Catholic Church may prove useful to include in talks, in homilies or for research. For the full title and document data, click on the abbreviation code (for example, BYM leads you to the document, Behold Your Mother). This will also lead you to the complete document on this website or assist you in locating it elsewhere.

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Documents II. Mary and Jesus Christ / 5.Other
Letter to Women, Beijing Conference, 1995
  • The maternal "reign" of Mary consists in this. She who was, in all her being, a gift for her son.... 10
  • Vita Consecrata, 1996
  • Consecrated life looks to her as the sublime model of ... union with the Son [based on LG 53]. 28

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