Solemnis Professio Fidei

The Creed of the People of God
Pope Paul VI
June 30, 1968

Brief History
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Brief History
Prior to publication of the General Catechetical Directory (1971), mandated by Vatican II, Pope Paul VI published the Creed of the People of God (1968). The Marian text of the creed is presented here since it became a normative document for some catechetical textbooks in the United States in the period between the council and the directory.

The Creed includes four main Marian teachings – the ancient Creed, "born of the Virgin Mary," the Council of Ephesus' teaching on the Theotokos, and the two dogmas, Immaculate Conception and Assumption. It also expresses the belief in Mary's continued maternal role, and the belief in Mary as one who cooperates with Christ. Lumen Gentium is footnoted ten times, Signum Magnum twice, and the title Mother of the Church is also quoted. The creed contains no scriptural references, no liturgical references, and no devotional, pastoral or catechetical elements as such. It was not intended to serve as a catechetical directory, but was intended by Pope Paul VI as a statement of faith and personal witness which would bridge the gap between Vatican II and the publication of the General Catechetical Directory.

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The Solemn Profession of Faith pronounced by Pope Paul VI at St. Peter's Basilica, June 30, 1968, at the end of the "Year of Faith," the nineteenth centenary anniversary of the martyrdom of Sts. Peter and Paul. "The Creed of the immortal Tradition of the Holy Church of God"

AAS M(10 August 1968):433-445;
St Paul Editions, 1968

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