Novo Millennio Ineunte

Apostolic Letter at the Close of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000
Pope John Paul II
January 6, 2001

Brief History
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Brief History
Novo Millennio Ineunte was published by Pope John Paul II at the conclusion to the millennial year of celebrations commemorating the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. The Holy Father writes:

At the beginning of the new millennium, and at the close of the Great Jubilee during which we celebrated the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of Jesus and a new stage of the Church's journey begins, our hearts ring out with the words of Jesus when one day, after speaking to the crowds from Simon's boat, he invited the Apostle to "put out into the deep" for a catch: "Duc in altum." (Lk 5:4) (1)

This was the purpose of the many celebrations, each of which focused on specific groupings of people with varied religious, scholarly, and cultural interests (see contents list below).

The Holy Father continues by recalling that the turn of the millennium occurred thirty-five years after the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. This period was a time of renewal. For Pope John Paul II, this renewal was to lead the Church to new depths of love and knowledge in order, as he states, that her peoples "would examine how far she had renewed herself, in order to be able to take up her evangelizing mission with fresh enthusiasm."(3) He wonders if the Church has succeeded in this aim.

Again stating the purpose, of this letter he writes:

Now is the time for each local Church to assess its fervor and find fresh enthusiasm for its spiritual and pastoral responsibilities, by reflecting on what the Spirit has been saying to the People of God in this special year of grace, and indeed in the longer span of time from the Second Vatican Council to the Great Jubilee. It is with this purpose in mind that I wish to offer in this Letter, at the conclusion of the Jubilee Year, the contribution of my Petrine ministry, so that the Church may shine ever more brightly in the variety of her gifts and in her unity as she journeys on. 3

Reference to Mary and her role in this renewal is found seven times in the document. [5, 11, 18, 21, 24, 58, 59]

Introduction 1-3


The fullness of time 5
The purification of memory 6
Witnesses to the faith 7
A pilgrim Church 8
Young people 9
The variety of the pilgrims 10
The International Eucharistic Congress 11
The ecumenical dimension 12
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 13
International debt 14
New energies 15


The witness of the Gospels 17-18
The life of faith 19-20
The depth of the mystery 21-23
The Son's face 24
A face of sorrow 25-27
The face of the One who is Risen 28


Holiness 30-31
Prayer 32-34
The Sunday Eucharist 35-36
The Sacrament of Reconciliation 37
The primacy of grace 38
Listening to the Word 39
Proclaiming the Word 40-41


A spirituality of communion 43-45
The diversity of vocations 46-48
Stake everything on charity 49-50
Today's challenges 51-53
Dialogue and mission 54-56
In the light of the Council 57

Conclusion – Duc in altum! 58

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AAS 93 (2001):
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