Letter to Women - Beijing Conference

Pope John Paul II's letter in preparation for the Beijing Conference
Dated June 29 and released July 10, 1995 at the Vatican.

Brief History
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Brief History
The United Nations held its Fourth Conference on Women in September 1995. In anticipation of the conference, Pope John Paul II released a letter commending those women who have demonstrated 'courageous initiative in defending the dignity of womanhood',  in adverse circumstances. The pope appeals to states, nations, and international organizations to support efforts to better the situations and conditions in which women work and live. The letter devotes several paragraphs to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The pope states, "The church sees in Mary the highest expression of the feminine genius, and she finds in her a source of constant inspiration." [LWB 10]
United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women
Theme: "Action for Equality, Development and Peace"
Solutions must be based on inherent dignity of women 2-3
A unique role in humanizing society 3-5
Women bear hardest burden of abortion 6-9
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This document is found at: Papal Letter Prepares for Beijing Conference
Letter of His Holiness John Paul II to Mrs. Gertrude Mongella-Secretary General of the Fourth World Conference on Women of the United Nations

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AAS ; Origins 25:9 (July 27, 1995): 137-143
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