Cuapa, Nicaragua, Diocese of Juigalpa

On April 16, 1980, during the evening, Bernardo Martinez was praying in the chapel of his church.  He received the first of many apparitions and messages.

1982, November 13. Statement of the Bishop Pablo Antonio Vega Mantilla, Bishop of the Diocese of Juigalpa, the diocese in which the apparitions took place, released this statement:

"It has been nearly three years now since one of the peasants of the area arrived communicating a message which he said he had received from Mary in a series of dreams and apparitions.  Because of the duty and the obligation to protect the wholesome piety of the faithful and for the truth of those events, in my capacity as bishop of the area, I find an obligation to assure the authenticity of the events in order to be able to assist in discerning the true value of the alluded to message.  The 'report' that we present contains the accurate content and language used by the individual who received the visions."

Bishop Robelo of Leon, on June 10, 1994, provided the following authorization of the accounts of the apparitions entitled Let Heaven and Earth Unite! compiled by Stephen and Miriam Weglian: "I hereby authorize the publication of the story of the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Cuapa and the messages given to Bernardo Martinez under the title Let Heaven and Earth Unite!  May this publication help those who read it to have an encounter with Jesus Christ in the Church through the mediation of the Mother of Our Lord."

The gentleman who received the apparitions and the messages, Bernardo Martinez, was ordained a priest on August 20, 1995.

The apparitions themselves have not been recognized by the church to date.

Information cited from Dictionnaire Des Apparitions De La Vierge Marie by Rene Laurentin and Patrick Sbalchiero, Fayard, 2007.

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