175 Église Street, Edmundston, New Brunswick


Facade and corner view of the Cathedral.  It illustrates the two spires, the central nave with its stained glass as well as the lateral nave.

Statement of Significance

Description of Historic Place

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a large masonry church building located in the City of Edmundston. It is the Episcopal Seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Edmundston.

Heritage Value

Built between 1925 and 1927, it first served as a parish church and then as a cathedral when in 1944 it became the Episcopal Seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Edmundston. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception has continued and continues to be a spiritual centre in the region. The craftsmanship exhibited in the building in terms of its nature, scale and location, have made it a landmark and focal point.
The original building plans were developed by architects Beaulé and Morissette of Quebec City who employed a blend of Gothic and Romanesque styles. The interior and exterior decorations are the result of numerous professional artisans such as Nincheri, Bonnet, Laporte and Bourgault. In terms of interior building materials, of particular interest is the use of twenty-one types of stone and marble from Europe, Africa and North America.  These combined result in the associated aesthetic value of the place. Mgr. W.J. Conway instigated the construction of the building as well as a number of other buildings in the region.

Source: New Brunswick Culture and Sport Secretariat, Heritage Branch, Site File.

Character-Defining Elements

- The imposing nature and scale of the Cathedral in conjunction with its location and context including the adjacent Episcopal Residence.

Exterior elements include:
- tall grey granite facades with architectural detailing;
- two spires well above the roof lines;
- copper sheathed roof and spires;
- front entrance doors with ten panels and topped by semi-circular transom lights.

Interior elements include:
- generous dimensions of nave and transept;
- stained glass windows on the first level produced in the shops of Nincheri, as well as the later stained glass windows on the third level;
- stained glass rose window located in the center of the nave and stained glass rose windows in each transept;
- interior Romanesque elements and decorative detailing employing twenty-one varieties of stone and marble.

The interior furnishings and elements include:
- decorative medallions in the terrazzo floors of the nave and the choir;
- pulpit in its original location with its spiral staircase; suspended lights of the central nave;
- marble High Altar, lateral Altars, Holy Table and their arrangement;
- oak pews on hickory bases;
- Stations of the Cross by Jordi Bonnet;
- Baptismal Fonts, one of stone and the other of oak;
- armoire in the Sacristy;
- placement and arrangement of the Casavant organ with its thrity-five hundred pipes and forty-five organ stops.

Additional contributing elements include:
- Saint-Pierre Chapel sculpted pulpit by P. C. Laporte, and sculpted Stations of the Cross by Medard Bourgault;
- crypt including the cast iron doors and sarcophagi holding the remains of previous Bishops. 
New Brunswick

Region District
Madawaska County


Street Address
175 Église Street

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