Altotting Bavaria
In Heilige Kapelle, Unsere Liebe Frau von Altotting, c 1330, lime-wood, standing.

Beilstein (Trier), Germany

Miraculous Black Madonna, Carmelite Church of St. Joseph
- Statue
- Twelfth-Thirteenth Century
- Spanish Origin
- Statue left behind by Spaniards after retreat at the end of the thirty-year war (1648).

In Church of St.Kolumba, Madonna in der Trummern (ruins), stone, 1460-80 of Cologne school, church totally destroyed in WW II except for one pillar upon which stood the Virgin, hardly damaged, Child lost head and limbs.
In Church of St. Maria in der Kupfergasse, Schwarze Mutter Gottes, standing, brought to Cologne 1630 by six Dutch Carmelite nuns seeking refuge from thirty Years War, church destroyed in air raid 1942, BV saved.
Two paintings of BVs in Andreas Kirche.

Freising Bavaria

In Diocesan Museum of Cathedral, Freisinger Lukasbild (painting by St. Luke), early 13 C, in Freising 1440, painted on lime-wood.

In Church of St Johannes, Vordergasse, Schwarze Madonna von Leutershausen, 1742 or earlier, wood, only faces and hands carved.

Kevelaer North-Rhine-Westphalia
ULF (Our Dear Lady) of Luxemburg, Consolatrix Afflictorum, yellowing paper picture, printed from a copper-plate in Antwerp 1640, story of peddler passing a wayside shrine near K, voice said “Build a little chapel for me here,” heard voice two more times, saved money for chapel. Wife had a vision of the picture of OL of Luxemburg which two soldiers tried to sell her, too expensive, finally bought it and placed in the shrine.

In Cathedral, BV 1270/80, sandstone, polychrome since 19 C.

Neukirchen-beim-Heiligen-Blut (Holy Blood) Bavaria
BV, c 1400, Bohemian, standing, on high altar, attributed to St Luke.

Oggersheim-Ludwigshafen Rhineland-Palatinate
In Minorite pilgrimage Church of Maria Himmelfahrt, Loretto Madonna or Gnadenmutter (mother of grace), 1729, wood, standing, inspired by OL of Loretto but not a copy.

Regensburg Bavaria
In Stiftskirche von Lieben Frau zu Alten Kappelle, Gnadenbild, painting attributed to St Luke, given to Emperor Henry II by Pope Benedict VIII who gave to it the Stiftskirche 1014, silver and copper gilt frame added 1752.

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In museum of the Church of St. Matthew, Black Madonna of Loretto, 17 C.

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In Carmelite Church, in niche above high altar, BV, OL of Dublin, standing dark oak statue of the Virgin, late 15 or early 16 C, possibly carved by student of Durer.

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S. Maria de Constantinopoli in Cathedral, attributed to St. Luke.

Madonna de la Guardia, attributed to Luke, in sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca.

BV in Sanctuario di Bonaria.

Crotone Catanzaro
Madonna di Capocolonna, painting attributed to St Luke but probably early 13 C, in cathedral, copy in the sanctuary of the Madonna di Capocolonna.

In Benedictine Abbey, Madonna di Farfa, fragmentary 14 C copy of orig. painting attributed to St Luke brought to Italy in 7 C by St. Thomas of Morienna, all that remains are four heads of the Virgin, Child and two angels.

Loreto Ancona
"Strange statue of a lady" discovered in a house near a laurel grove (loreto) after 1294; house said to be the Holy House of Mary transported from Nazareth by angels to Italy in 1294. Statue accidentaly destroyed by fire and replaced in 1921 by a new standing figure, three feet high, carved from the wood of a cedar grown in the Vatican. (Begg)

In Cathedral of S. Lorenzo/PopeJohn XXIII, la Sipontina or the Madonna dagli Occhi Sbarrati (staring eyes), wood, 11 C, almost life-size, enthroned, both figures have brown faces. In upper church painting of Madonna of Siponto, before 13 C, prob. early Byzantine, painted on cedar-wood.

Casale Montferrato Alesandria
In Santuario di Crea, Nostra Signora di Crea, cedar-wood, long olive-brown face of oriental type and proportions, attributed to St Luke, one of three BVs brought back to Italy by St. Eusebius from the Holy Land c 345.

In shrine, BV, l’Lincoronata dei Povere (of the poor), appeared in an oak-tree 1001 in the forest of Cervaro nearby.

BV in church of San Lazaro and S. Stefano.

In church of S. Maria di Constantinopolli, BV la Madonna Bruna.

Montevergine Avellino
In Santuario di Montevergine, Madonna di Montevergine, di Constantinopoli, Madonna Bruna or Mamma Schiavona (Slav), very large painting on pine-wood, c 1290.

In Basilica-Santuario del Carmine Maggiore, La Madonna Bruna, 12 C, wood.

Oropa Biella
In sanctuary, BV, La Madonna di Oropa, carved in resinous wood (cedar), faces and hands colord black, attributee to St. Luke, statue ancient but shows no sign of age, may be 13 C, traditionally brought from Holy Land by St. Eusebius of Vercelli c 345.

In Basilica del Santo (Anthony of Padua), in chapel of La Madonna Mora, La Madonna Mora (Moorish, brunette), 1396, skin soft beige-brown. On high altar, bronze Madonna and Child by Donatello, 1445/50.

BV in church of San Francesco

In church of S. Maria, painting of BV in gold frame.

In Santa Maria Maggiore, Salus Populli Romani, painting attributed to St. Luke from 7 or 9 Cent., possibly copy from 13 C.
S. Maria Nova, miraculous Madonna said to be the oldest in Rome.
S. Maria in Ara-Coeli, on the Roman Capitol, BV attributed to St. Luke, probably 10 C.
S. Maria in Trastevere, S.Maria in Cosmedin, painted image attributed to St. Luke.
S. Maria del Popolo, painted image attributed to St Luke, 13 C.
SS Domenico e Sisto - attributed to St. Luke.
S. Maria di Loreto, Madonna of Loreto on high altar.
S. Maria di Montserrato in church of same name.

In the Duomo, BV, Maria Santissima dei Poveri, found in a bush by a poor peasant, very black.

in S. Maria della Salute, La Madonna della Salute, 12 C icon.

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In church of Sant’ Agostino, Maria Santissima dei Maracoli, also called Madonna del Acqua; Christ is black, Madonna less dark, more like a mulatta, considered black discovered in a fig-tree in 1546 by an artisan.

In sanctuary, Maria Santissima di Custonaci, landed from a storm-beleagured ship, crowned in 1752 by the Vatican for her many miracles, also known as Madonna of the Water; painted on wood, prob. Flemish school.

In the church, painting of Madonna della Strada.

Madonna di Montalto, in church on hill of La Capperrina, arrived by sea, covered in silver except for the faces.

In church, Madonna della Milicia, legend that it is a 7 C painting placed in the church in 1077 by Norman conqueror; experts say it is in 15 C Catalan style.

Piazza Aermerina
In the Duomo, BV, OL of Victories, attributed to St. Luke, painted on a rectangle of raw silk.

On north portico of church, Madonna del Pileri, 10 C Byzantine fresco.

In Santuario Maria Santissima del Tindari, La Madonna Nera, attrbuted to St. Luke, BV washed ashore in casket, wooden statue.

In church, Maria Santissima della Vena, BV painted in tempera on very ancient table of cedar of Lebanon, believed to date from first centuries of Christianity.

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Virgin of Ostra Brama (sharp corner), behind glass above an arch at one of the old fortified gateways of the city.

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Schwarze Muttergottes, also known as Stella Coeli, in Church of St. Jean, statue of BV came in 1805 from Abbey of Marienthal, walnut, probably late 14 C from Cologne.

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La Valette -St. Mary of Damascus, painting attributed to St. Luke.
Citta Vecchio - BV.
San Lorenzo Burgo - painting attributed to St. Luke.
Medina - Madonna of St. Luke in cathedral.

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In Cathedral of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, painting, standing, almost life-size.

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Czestochowa Basilica in the Jasna Gora monastery, the Virgin of Czestochowa, lime-wood, painting attributed to St. Luke, restored 1433.

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Madeira Funchal
BV, OL of Dolours in sacristy of cathedral.

Nossa Sra de Nazare (Nazareth) or Pederneira (black stone), legend dates image to 4 C.

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At St. Vinera, a Virgin with face black as coal.

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Agreda Soria
In church of Na Sra de los Milagros, BV of the Templars of Agreda.

Aranzazu Arantzazu Guipuz-coa
Above high altar in Franciscan basilica, Andra Mari de Arantzazu, found in 1469 by a shepherd in branches of a hawthorn tree after a vision.

Los Arcos Navarra
In parish church, Santa Maria de los Arcos, !4 C, polychrome, oak, known as Virgen Morena (dark).

In hill-top hermitage, BV, La Virgen del Perdon venerated since 14 C.

in church of Na Sra de la Merced, the Princess of Barcelona, la Mare de Deu de la Merce, venerated since 13 C, polychrome. In Museo de Arte de Cataluna, finest collection of BVs in the world, acc. to Begg.

In mountain-top hermitage, BV, Virgen de la Pena.

Calatrava le Vieja
In Ermita Santario de la Encarnacion, BV.

Carrizo de la Ribera
In a hermitage, BV Na Sra del Villar.

In hermitage of Na Sra de la Carrasca (pine-oak), BV.

Candelaria Tenerife, Canary Islands
In Basilica of Na Sra de Candelaria, BV, found near beach of Chemisay in 1390 by two Guanche shepherds and first object of pagan cult, fifty years later moved to grotto and revealed as Madonna, swept away during a storm in 1826 and replaced.

Chipiona Cadiz
In Franciscan Sanctuary de la Regla, Nuestra Senora de la Regla, 12/112 C, small wooden statue, Virgin black, Child white, mutilated 16 C but head, bust and much of legs saved.

In church of San Anton, La Virgen de la Luz (light), BV found by shepherd in cleft rock by river after apparition of light.

Daroca Zaragoza
In Eglesia Colegiata de Sta Maria, Na Sra La Goda (Goth), ancient, gilt wood, reputed to be the work of Goths, but dated at c 1300.

Estella Navarra
In Real Basilica de Na Sra del Puy, Na Sra del Puy, 8 or 12 C, polychrome wood covered in silver, found in cave after apparition to shepherds in 1085.

Fuenterrabia Guipuz-coa
In Church of Sta Maria, Na Sra de Guadalupe, 15 C, wood; also carved on Puerta Sta Maria.

Guadalupe Caceres
In the Camariin of the monastery church, La Virgen de Guadalupe, OL of Silence, Patroness of Extremedura and All the Spains, said to be buried in 711, found perfectly preserved after an apparition of the Virgin by a cowherd in 1326.

In Grail Church of S. Pedro el Viejo, BV Na Sra de las Nieves (snows).

Lluch Majorca In monastery church, Na Sra de Lluc or La Moreneta, stone, found in cleft rock by shepherd boy and hermit 1240, hidden from Moors 9 C. In museum, alabaster Virgin, turned black during journey from Belgium in 1518.

In Ch of Na Sra de Atocha, Na Sra de Atocha (Antioch), very black, 12 C, saved when church destroyed 1808, legend that it was sculpted by St. Luke.

BV, La Virgen de la Cueva, in a chapel adapted from a natural cavern.

In church of S. Pere, BV called moreneta, discovered by two oxen at the foot of the spring with a vase of lilies at site of present sanctuary, 12 C, wood, restored after 1939 but still black.

In Castle of Monfague, BV sculpted by St Luke and brought back from Jerusalem by Rodrigo, Count of Sarria.

Montserrat Barcelona
La Virgen de Montserrat or La Moreneta, said to be found among the rocks shortly after 888, said to be carved by St. Luke, wood, present statue is 12 C majesty.

In octagonal Templar hermitage, Na Sra del Monsagro.

In Santuario de Muskilda, BV, found in oak by shepherd.

Navas de San Juan
BV, Na Sra de la Estrella in sanctuary of that name.

Nuria Gerona
BV, N-D de Nuria, painted wood, said to be hidden during Moorish occupation and lost till discovered in 1032, preserved in Geneva during Civil War.

Olot Gerona
In Santuari de la Mare de Deu del Tura, Mare de Deu del Tura, 11/12 C, wood, legend that it was dug up in 872 on spot where bull roaring strangely.

BV, Na Sra de Pedernere (black stone) in small hermitage nearby.

Na Sra de la Dehesa Brava or Sta Maria de Husillos, 12/12 C, gilt and enameled copper, poss. from Limoges, in the Episcopal Palace.

Pena de Francia Salamanca
In Dominican shrine of Na Sra de la Pena de Francia, La Virgin Morena, Queen of Castile, legend dates it to time of Charlemagne, lost, then found in 1434 in a cave after Virgin appeared to a French Franciscan from Paris and told him to go there.

BV said to have been brought back from Jerusalem prior to 1178 when it was found inside an aged holm-oak and named Na Sra de la Encina del Bosque Sagrado (holm-oak of the sacred wood). Disappeared in 1573 and replaced by a 16 C version.

El Puig
In local church, Templar BV carved from one of the stones from the cover of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s tomb at Ephesus, said to have to have been discovered buried inside a bell in early 13 C

Two BVs in church.

In the old Cathedral, Na Sra de la Vega, 12 C, wood plated with copper and Limoges enamel on throne.

Salinas de Anana
In parish church:
Na Sra de Villacones, 13 C BV;
Na Sra de la Redonda or de la O (cry of parturition?);
BV of slightly more recent date.

San Marcos Tenerife Canary Islands
BV in small chapel near Icod de los Vinos.

San Vicente de la Sonsierra
In church of Santa Maria de la Piscina, BV carved by St. Luke.

Solsona Lerida
In cathedral, Vierge Noire of Solsona, La Mare de Deu del Claustre, 12 C, stone.

Tarazona Zaragoza
In Chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary in the cathedral, Na Sra del Rosario, 13 C, Gothic, polychrome wood.

In cathedral:
La Virgen Blanca, 15 C, considered Virgen Morena;
statue of La Esclavitud de Na Sra del Sagrario, very dark patroness of Toledo.

In church of S. Maria, BV Virgin of Zaskeen.

BV said to have been popular goal of pilgrims for over eight hundred years in new basilica.

Ujue Navarre
In parish church, Sta Maria la Real or de Usua (dove, in Basque), 11 C, alder-wood plated with silver.

In second Cathedral of Na Sra del Pilar, Virgin of the Pillar, 15/16 C, marble covered in silver.

In sanctuary of La Virgen de Zocueca, BV.

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Ascona Ticino
In small wayside shrine, La Capella Nera, BV in ceramic, 16 C ?, called La Donna della Verita (The Lady of Truth).

Einsiedeln Schwyz

In the Abbey Church of the Benedictines, OL of the Hermits, Die Schwarze Madonna, Madonna in the Dark Wood, Our Dear Lady of Einsiedeln (hermits), c 1466, wood.

Island of Mainau, Lake Constance

Die Schwarze Madonna, in Kirche St. Marien, eighteenth Century copy of Einsiedeln Madonna by Johann Baptist Babel, master of late Swiss Baroque art, placed in the church 1757.

In parish church, Einsiedler Muttergottes, c 1745, wood.

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New York
In Cathedral of St John the Divine, BV icon.

In chapel of the Synod of the Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church, OL of Kursk, found in 1295 at the foot of an old oak-tree near Rilsk, later placed in Kursk Cathedral, escaped destruction several times, found in Munich 1945 and taken to NY.

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