Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhone)
In the Cathedral Saint-Sauveur d'Aix, a Virgin hewn from stone, seated, said to be a 1521 copy of the celebrated Vierge Noire de Notre-Dame-de-la-Seds which disappeared in the 16 C.

Arbois (Jura)
In hilltop hermitage, N-D de L'Ermitage, BV carved from miraculous oak of Montaigu, brought back by old soldier c. 1712, hidden by hermit during Rev., rediscovered 1856. Replaced 15 C statue, N-D de l-Ermitage or de Montserrat, also carved from the oak of Montaigu, which was destroyed.

Arceau (Côte d'or)
In church, N-D de Bon Secours, found 1227 by ox near green tussock, dark wood, sculpted by local artist.

Arconsat (Puy-de-Dome)
In village church, N-D d'Arconsat, 12 C, only the faces, very black, are sculpted, suggesting it was intended to be robed from its origin.

Arles (Bouches-du-Rhone)
Notre-Dame de Graces or Notre Dame des Alyscamps, given in 1203 by the archbishop of Morieres who placed it in the church of Alyscamps. Replaced in 17 C by a statue of white marble, but the original was deposited on the tomb of Saint Trophime in the chapel of Notre-Dame de Graces; another statue preceded the ancient black statue.

Aspet (Haute-Garonne)
In chapel of N-D de Miege-Coste, N-D de Meijo-Costo or Miege-Coste, c. 1680 replacing BV of 4 C, documented as BV 1682.

Aurillac (Cantal)
In Church of the Cordeliers, N-D des Neiges, formerly d'Aureinques, original BV destroyed by Huguenots, present statue of 1581 (or 17 C), wood gilded and painted, resembles BV of Le Puy. In la Maison Consulaire, la Vierge Noire au manteau, 18 C, wood polychrome.

Avioth (Meuse)
In 14 C Basilica N-D de Vie (life) or L'Epine (thorn) or de Luxembourge, 12 C, BV, oak.

La-Bastide-de-Serou (Ariege)
N-D la Noire.

Beaune (Cote d'Or)
N-D de Beune, 12 C, wood polychrome.

Boege (Haute-Savoie)
In parish church, N-D des Voirons, darkened lime, rediscovered in 1856. Said to be the most ancient sanctuary of the Virgin in Haute-Savoie.

Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais)
N-D des Anges or de Boulogne, the crypt museum contains an early 19 C BV in a white dress standing in a boat; original statue of the Virgin and Infant said to have arrived in a lowly, humble boat destroyed during the Rev. as was a subsequent copy.

Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain)
In local church N-D de Bourg, standing, blackened elm or willow, found in hollow willow tree in swamp by shepherd in 13 C, badly burnt during Rev.

Bourisp (Hautes-Pyrenees)
In niche to right of entrance to church. Found by ox in a bush near a swamp. 12 C statue stolen in 1982, replaced 1986 with a wooden statue.

Brioude (Haute-Loire)
Notre-Dame de Laurie, 15 C, wood, Romanesque BV now in Rouen museum.

Capdrot (Dordogne)
In local church, N-D La Noire, wood, 19 C, statue stands on plinth behind altar; original statue hidden from Protestants in a wall, modeled after that of le Puy, ancient one disappeared 15 C, had been venerated before 12 C.

Champdieu (Loire)
BV, sometimes called Virgin of the Crusades, dark wood, 15/16 C ?, transferred from Sauvain in 1715.

Champels (Haute-Loire)
N-D des Tours or D'Estours, 11 C, wood, majeste, found by cattle, photograph in sanctuary, statue now kept at nearby Monistrol.

La Chapelle Geneste (Haute-Loire)
Enthroned and crowned BV and Child, 16 C, wood, faces very black with red lips and gleaming whites of eyes in contrast.

Chartres (Eure-et-Loir)
In the cathedral:

N-D du Pilier in nave, early 16 C replacing 13 C gilt statue, pear tree wood. N-D de Sous-Terre in the crypt, replaced in 1856 by present natural wood statue, original destroyed during Rev. was ebony.

BV on the door of the Nativity aft royal entrance to the cathedral, modeled after the BV from the crypt, destroyed in 16 C. 12 C BVs in N Rose and S Transept windows.

La Grande Chartreuse (Isere)
In monastery, BV, 16 C ?, wood, majeste, similar to BV of LePuy destroyed at Rev., reportedly taken from pagans in India.

Chatillon-sur-Seine (Cote d'Or)
N-D de Toutes (les) Graces, de Toute Grace, du Chateau or de St. Bernard, in Ecole St. Bernard and on feast days at Church of Vorles, 12 C, wood, restored 1927.

Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dome)
N-D du Port, reproduction of Byzantine Vierge de Tendresse, image known from 13 C, wood, 18 C; original from 10 -11 C disappeared during Rev..
In Church of La Croix Neyrat, N-D de Neyrat, 17 C.
In Musee Lecocq, BV de Vernols.
In Cathedral of N-D de Clermont, Romanesque BV, 10 C.
In cathedral, Notre-Dame de la Bonne-Mort, from 12 C, wood gilded and painted about 1830, discovered 1972 in mortuary chapel of a bishop.

Clery (Loiret)
N-D de Clery, wood, 17 C, replacing BV discovered by ploughing oxen 1280 and destroyed by Huguenots.
BV in underground tomb of Louis XI.

Cornas (Ardeche)
In roadside church, N-D de la Mure from Abbey of La Mure, wood, against back wall behind altar, remarkable ancient BV similar to Thuret (13 C), both perhaps copies of old BV of LePuy.

Couterne (Orne)
N-D de Lignou (Lignon), terra cotta and metal or blackened wood of 17 or 19 C, very heavy, found in hawthorn tree, hidden during Rev., later revealed itself by a great light.

Cuiseaux (Jura)
In Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury, N-D du Noyer, 1236, found in walnut tree, carved by shepherd.

Cusset (Allier)
BV, wood, 13 C, head and hands saved from flames during French Rev. by baker's wife, integrated into a copy during 19 C.

Cuxa (Pyrenees-Orientals)
In Abbey of St Michel, N-D de Pesebre (crib) or La Maureneta, 14 C, wood, may still be in Corneilla but due to be returned to 11 C crypt where earlier version known since 1040. Child holds closed book in left hand.

Decize (Nievre)
In crypt of Church of St. Are, N-D de Sous-Terre, 16 C.

La Delivrande (Calvados)
In Church of N-D de la Delivrande, N-D de la Delivrande, stone, 1580, original statue 4 C, found by sheep 11 C, destroyed during Rev.

Dorres (Pyrenees-Orientales)
In village church, N-D de Belloch formerly in Church of Belloch, 11 C, wood, wears only a tunic and veil, oriental-looking, BV has huge hands, Child has large right hand.

Droiteval (Vosges)
In church of 12 C Cistercian Abbey, BV, late 15 C replacing earlier BV, painted stone.

Embrun (Hautes-Alpes)
Mosaic in Cathedral, copy of miraculous painting on stone of BV of Adoration, la Vierge Noire dite des Trois Rois d'Embrun, or destroyed during Rev..

Err (Pyrenees-Orientals)
In local church, N-D d'Err found in tree by cattle. wood, 12 C BV seated, Child stands at Virgin's left knee, dark gray with silver crowns.

Espalion (Aveyron)
In chapel of l'Hopital d'Espalion, La Negrette, standing, wood, no child, when painted returns to her original color, part of a retable of 14 C for chapelle of chateau de Calmont, brought back from Crusades by Lord of Calmont.

Fecamp (Seine Maritime)
In N-D du Salut chapel, BV of the sailors.

Ferrieres (Loiret)
In local church, N-D de Bethleem, standing, late 15 C, oak, gilded and worm-eaten, statue on display in the church is an exact replica of the original which is kept in a safe hiding-place.

Finestret ( Pyrenees-Orientales)
In Church of St. Colombe, BV from Spain, BV holds Child on left arm, both haloed.

Font-Romeu/Odeillo (Pyrenees-Orientales)
In local church, BV, la Vierge de l'Invention, standing, wood, spring (at side of church) and statue discovered by bull striking earth in 1113, spends summer at Font-Romeu, rest of year at Odeillo.

Gerzat (Puy-de-Dome)
In 12 C village church, N-D du Vignal, small, rustic BV, found near healing spring, moved from original site at Rev., stolen c 1975, replaced by smaller replica, painting of original shrine in church.

Goult-Lumieres (Vaucluse)
In right hand crypt chapel, N-D de Lumieres or La Santo Vierge Negro, wood, original statue there in 16th cent, lost in religious wars, rediscovered in 17 C, stolen 1979, replaced with replica.

Grenoble (Isere)
In hillside oratory, N-D de la Tronche (yule log), 1789-80, white stone intentionally blackened, replacing earlier wooden statue found on banks of Isere.

Guingamp (Cotes-du-Nord)
In church of N-D, N-D de Bon-Secours, Itron Varia Gwir Zikour (Dame Marie du Vrai Secours), N-D de Halgoet (of underground, of the hollow wood or of the willow grove), 14 C or 17 C, wood, BVs head saved at Rev., restored.

La Havre (Seine-Inferieure)
N-D du Havre de Grace, BV, massive 3 metre dark bronze statue overlooking the city and harbour from the park of the Abbaye de Graville, late 19 C.

Heas (Hautes-Pyrenees)
In rebuilt pilgrimage church, N-D de Heas, wood, 16 C?, found in rocks by shepherds near spring where two doves had been drinking, statue saved when church destroyed by avalanche 1915.

Honfleur (Calvados)
In local church, N-D d Graces, original BV an 11 C wooden statue destroyed at Rev., survived landslide which destroyed church in 1538; present church of 1615 contains a 17 C Madonna, gilded wood.

Jussey (Haute-Saone)
In Church of Jussey, N-D de Jussey, wood, carved in 1613 from wood of famous oak of Montaigu (Belgian), saved at Rev.

Laurie (Cantal)
N-D du Mont-Carmel, wood 11 C, whitened in 1883, recovered its original polychrome colors after restoration; procession from Blesle to Laurie on Whit Monday

Limoux (Aude)
In sanctuary known since 1011, Notre-Dame de Marceille, 11/12 C, black hard wood, found by cattle on a hill-top.

Longpont-sur-Orge (Seine-et-Oise)
N-D de Bonne Garde, wood, 19 C, replacement of local image destroyed at Rev., relics of old BV in new statue.

Luvigny (Vosges)
In Church of Luvigny, N-D de la Maix or de la Mer, wood, late Middle Ages.

Lyon (Rhone)
In Chapel of St. Thomas a Becket next to basilica: N-D de Fourvieres or de Bon Conseil, standing, wood, 17 C replica of ancient local image destroyed by Hugunots in 1562, on high altar. N-D de Bon Conseil, on side altar.

Maillane (Bouches-du-Rhone)
N-D de Graces, de Bethleem or de Betelen, walnut, 12 C.

Marsat (Puy-de-Dome)
In local church, N-D de Marsat, wood, 12 C, walnut, painted gesso and gilt.

Marseilles (Bouches-du-Rhone)
In Basilique Saint-Victor, N-D de la Confession, du Fenouil (fennel) or Feu-Nou (new fire), walnut, 13 C.

Mauriac (Cantal)
N-D des Miracles, 13 C, mutilated 1789, resculpted late 18 C, arms in pear wood, body in walnut, Jesus in oak.

Mayres (Puy-de-Dome)
In church in field at end of wood south of Mayres, N-D de la Roche, BV and naked Child, both crowned, in niche under middle of altar. The statue (copy) commemorates the vision of a 12 C monk, stolen at end of 18 C, brought misfortune on family of thieves, hidden in a cleft rock where later found, saved at Rev. by pious women. Original statue now stands behind the altar in the village, 14 C, stone, small, very black and shiny.

Mazan (Vaucluse)
In church east of town, N-D la Brune or La Sarcleuse, wood, 14 C, original found 11 C by women weeding field, church sacked 1794, BV thrown into brazier which exploded, saved by women, damaged by fire and sabre, restored 1954, church locked but BV visible through barred window. In midst of major cemetery dating from pagan times, N-D de Pareloup (wards off wolves) or du Puy, destroyed at Rev., replaced by polychrome Virgin without Child taming a wolf.

Mende (Lozere)
In cathedral, N-D de Mende, walnut or apple wood, no Child but red-painted robe reveals rounded breasts and prominent belly, brought back from Holy Land by Crusaders in 1253, damaged by Huguenots, saved at Rev. In glass-covered niche above water pump in rue Notre-Dame, N-D de la Fontaine or du Puits, mural above BV shows angel holding scroll with Nigra sum sed formosa (I am black but beautiful).

Meymac (Correze)
N-D de Meymac, wood, 12 C, very black faces and hands, pink fingernails, red lips, white and black eyes; BV has gold sabots and turban, very large hands, red cloak and green dress; one of the strangest and most interesting BVs.

Mezieres (Ardenns)
N-D d'Esperance, BV much venerated since found in early 10 C in the foundations of the ramparts, destroyed by Huguenots, replaced in 17 C.

Modane (Savoie)
In local church, N-D du Charmaix, white marble painted black, prob. 14 C, though said to have been venerated from 4 or 5 C, known to have been black since first document of 1623, originally under rock next to road and river, saved at Rev.; BV visible through grille, locked except during services.

Molompize (Cantal)
In church of Molompize, N-D de Molompize, 15 C, Virgin of wood, naked Child covered in stucco and painted black, original statue may have been brought back from Antioch by Crusaders.

Montmerle-sur-Saone (Ain)
In local church, N-D de Bon-Secours or des Minimes, sailors saw bronze statue in Saone which moved miraulously to site of present church; pilgrimage and church of St. Mary well established by 1192, known as black in the diocese.

Montrejeau (Haute-Garonne)
In the Petit Seminaire de Montrejeau, BV, wood. In church of N-D de Polignan in nearby village of Gourdon-Polignan, N-D de Polignan, 12 or 14 C statue, wood, discovered by bull.

Montsegur (Ariege)
In parish church, tiny, seated, gilt BV, flanked by a standing BV and St Roch.

Moulins (Allier)
N-D de Moulins, in Chapelle de la Vierge Noire in Cathedral Notre Dame, 12 C. substitute for original brought back from Crusades by St. Louis, black hard wood/wild cherry wood, also copy of original in white marble. Another statue in wood from 15 C, also seated virgin from 13 C BV of Vouroux or des Chartreux, 12 C, painted wood, in Musee de Moulins. BV of Coulandon in Seminary of Moulins.

Murat (Cantal)
N-D des Oliviers (olive-trees) - title unique in France, in Church of St. Martin, 14 C, olive wood, blackened by fire of 1492.

Myans (Savoie)
N-D de Myans, in crypt of sanctuary, wood, statue attributed to St. Luc, 12 C, restored after the Rev., 1619 document says chapel there since c 1100 with image of Notre-Dame, black and Ethiopian.

Odeillo (Pyrenees Orientales)
see Font-Romeu

Orcival (Puy-de-Dome)
N-D d'Orcival, de la Delivrance or des Fers, 12 C, recently restored, polychrome walnut wood covered in silver except face and hands which are brown, BV found when workman's hammer was thrown to determine site of church on hillock called the Tomb of the Holy Virgin. Neighboring hamlet of Briffons has copy of N-D d'Orcival.

Orleans (Loiret)
N-D des Miracles, de la Recouvrance or St Mary the Egyptian, stone, 16 C, made of two unequal stones deliberately blackened, replacing ancient wooden BV burnt by Protestants 1562, described as Vierge Noire Couronnee on prayer card, statue of Mary in black wood brought to city in 5 or 6 C by Syrian merchants.

Ornans, (Doubs)
N-D des Malades or Notre-Dame de Montaigu, in Church of St. Laurent, 1610, oak from Montaigu, considered Vierge Brune by priest. N-D du Chene (oak), in special church nearby, found in trunk of oak-tree after revelation to local girl in 1803, not considered BV by priest.

La Pacaudiere (Loire)
N-D de Tourzy, Salus Infirmorum, unknown black stone, found in forest in hollow oak pre-11 C.

Palladuc (Puy-de-Dome)
In chapel of N-D de la Lizolle, 14 C BV, wood.

Paris (Seine) N-D de Paix, 16 C, wood, in Church of Nuns of the Sacred Heart.

The most celebrated and venerated Madonna in Paris until the Rev., saved during Rev. N-D de Bonne Delivrance, LaVierge Noire de Paris, 14 C, replacing earlier BV, probably of 11C, in Church of St. Etienne des Gres, in Latin Quarter, carved in a single block of hard limestone, saved at Rev. N-D de Toutes Aides in Chapelle de l'Abbaye-aux-Bois, wood, 16/17 C copy of older BV preserved there until beginning of 20 C.

Pezenas (Herault)
N-D la Noire or de Bethleem, 12 C, in Church of St. Ursula, believed to have either arrived alone in a boat or brought by Crusader in 1310, saved at Rev. though damaged.

Pignans (Var)
N-D des Anges, found by shepherd and dog 11 C, present statue 17 C, saved at Rev, darkish wood.

Pradelles (Haute-Loire)
N-D de Pradelles, 14 C, cedar, brought back from the east by Crusader, hidden during troubles, dug up by servant girl 1512, saved from fire at Rev. by remorseful Jacobin.

Prats-de-Mollo (Pyrenees-Orientales)
N-D dell Corall (oak-tree), found in heart of oak 13 C by herdsman attracted by the strange behavior of his bull, in sanctuary of same name.

Preaux (Ain)
N-D de Preaux, 15 C, wood, found in a hollow oak.

Le Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire)
In Monastere Sainte Claire, N-D du Puy, cedar statue made by Jeremiah and brought by St. Louis, burned at Rev. replaced with copy by local artist, end of 18 C, gilded wood. Small replica of original in vestry.

Remonot (Doubs)
Elongated cedar BV in Church of Grotte N-D.

Ribeauville (Haut-Rhin)
N-D de Dusenbach, ancient BV brought back from Crusades prob. 1221, disappeared 1360, replaced with present statue of 1494, N-D du Calvaire or des Douleures, dark polylchrome pieta, hidden in cleft rock during religious wars, found by woman named Marie.

Riom (Puy-de-Dome)
La Vierge Noire de Riom, N-D de Marthuret in church of same name, 17 C, based on older prototype venerated by St. Louis in 1262, found by cattle, saved by butchers at Rev.

Rocamadour (Lot) N-D de Rocamadour, 12 C, poss. 9 C, blackened polychrome walnut wood, attributed to St. Luke, the most ancient image already in 8 C.

La Rochette (Savoie)
N-D des Plaints (lamendation), 13 C, painted wood, saved at Rev, found by shepherd who heard tearful voice from bush.

Rochefort en Terre (Morbihan)
Notre-Dame de la Ronchaye, discovered in 12 C. in a hollow tree, where it had been hidden at the time of the Norman invasion.

Ronzieres (Puy-de-Dome)
N-D de Ronzieres (brambles), wood, 13 C, original found by cattle 11 C, saved from destruction at Rev.

Roumegoux (Tarn)
N-D de la Brune, standing, wood (gilt), found by sheep, original dark stone statue destroyed by Protestants 1568, 17 C copy in church.

St. Beat (Haute-Garonne)
N-D de l'Esperance, 13 C, blackened polychrome wood.

St. Christophe-les-Gorges (Cantal)
N-D du Chateau, BV brought back from Crusades in 1098, polychrome wood, intentionally black from origin.

Saint Didier
Notre-Dame de la Peiniere, 16 C, in Chapelle de N.D. de la Peiniere.

St.-Genes-De-Lombaud (Lot-et-Garonne)
N-D de Tout Espoir, walnut, 14 C or earlier, saved at Rev. but mutilated.

St. Germain-Laval (Loire)
N-D de Laval, wood, 13 C, in Church of Baffy, BV brought back from Crusades by St. Louis, wood of somber color.

St. Gervazy (Puy-de-Dome)
11 C wood statue stolen 1983, exact replica in plastic from the workshops of the Louvre replaced the original Aug. 1983.

St. Guiraud (Herault)
N-D de Consolation or N-D de la Noire, hard wood, possibly original BV of 950, discovered 14 C, saved from Protestants and at Rev.

St. Jean-Cap-Ferrat (Alpes-Maritimes)
Madone de St. Hospice or La Vierge Noire, bronze, 16/17 C, in cemetery overlooking sea.

St. Martin-de-Vesubie (Alpes-Maritimes)
N-D de Fenestre, Ste. Marie de la Mer, cedar, 13 C, in legend attributed to St. Luke, brought by St. Mary Magdalene to France, polylchrome since 1974 restoration.

St. Nectaire (Puy-de-Dome)
N-D du Mont Cornador, 12 C, polychrome statue of oak covered in pasted cloth, considered a BV in the Auvergne.

St. Paul (Alpes-Maritimes)
BV of 13 C, in treasury of parish church, restored 17 C, Oriental appearance.

Notre-Dame d'Ay (Saint Romain d'Ay)
Chapel constructed 9 C, dedicated to the Virgin, BV installed in 12 C, more recent polychrome statue with black face and hands.

St. Quentin-la-Chabanne (Creuse)
N-D de Sous-Terre, wood, 17 C, relacing BV destroyed by Protestants, in 11 C crypt.

St. Savin (Hautes-Pyrenees)
BV of the Crusades, 12 C, Syrian, possibly copy of N-D de Confession at Marseilles, the original, ancient Madonna of the Abbey Church, now removed to museum.

Sarrance (Basses-Pyrenees)
N-D de Sarrance, de la Pierre or La Sarrasine, difficult to date, black stone, found by bull swimming in river 8 C, hidden from Protestants 1569 in mountain cave, saved at Rev., damaged arms and head have been replaced.

Seyssel (Ain and Haute-Savoie)
N-D Du Pont or Du Rhone, 14 C, formerly in sanctuary, brought back from last Crusade by Comte de Seyssel, now in church, saved at Rev., consists of two heads on uncarved block of wood.

Tarascon (Bouches-du-Rhone)
In presbytery of Ste. Marthe, N-D du Chateau, La Belle Brianconne or La Venerade, ancient, larch-wood, polychrome traces, brought from Briancon in 1348 by hermit Imbert, fleeing Vaudois invasion.

Tarascon-sur-Ariege (Ariege)
In chapel of Sabart, N-D du Sabart or de la Victoire, Renaissance, no child, only head and hands sculpted.

Thuir (Pyrenees-Orientales)
In church of St. Peter, N-D de la Victoire, late 12 C, lead poured from a mold, devotion from 13 C. but first mention of statue 1567, original statue perhaps 7 C, lost for long time then found by shepherd in search of lost sheep on present site.

Thuret (Puy-de-Dome)
Vierge des Croisades, 13 C, similar to Cornas and Aurillac, all perhaps influenced by ancient BV of Le Puy.

Tocane-St. Apre (Dordogne)
N-D de Perduz, wooden, chocolate-colored BV, of uncertain age, crusader of local family promised church to Virgin on safe return, found statue in ruins of old chapel.

Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)
N-D la Noire or de la Daurade, painted wood, only head and bust sculpted, 1806, replacing very different older gilt statue with black hands and face destroyed at Rev. N-D du Palais or La Noire, dark stone, formerly in niche on Palais du Justice, now on front of Jesuit Church.

Tournus (Saone-et-Loire)
N-D la Brune, 12 C, cedar, in 15 C side chapel of St. Philibert, painted and gilded wood, considered one of the most beautiful Vierges de Majeste de l'art roman.

Tudet-Gaudonville (Gers)
Notre-Dame de Protection, 14 C statue replacing original of 1152, black marble, found by herdsman in a spring, damaged at Rev, partially restored 1963.

Valfleury (Loire)
Notre-Dame de Valfleury, La Vierge au Genet d'Or (golden broom) or La Vieille Dame, early 12 C, wood, original found in flowering broom bush at Christmas 800, entire figure completely reconstructed in 1869, statue black in 19 C, now dark natural wood with some traces of polychrome.

Vassiviere (Puy-de-Dome)
Present BV c. 1805 replaces ancient N-D de Vassiviere, destroyed at Rev., black wood, reported to be a copy but crudely carved with peasant features, unlike famous majestes of the Auvergne, replica in Church of St. Andre at Besse. BV also in the chapelounne, behind a grille near a healing spring on site of a BV in niche of wall of old church of Vassiviere still standing after church destroyed.

Vauclair (Cantal)
N-D de Vauclair, 11/12 C. majeste, wood with tints of green and ochre, traditionally brought from Antioch but probably local work, in restoration of 1954 lost some of the aspects of the Vierge Noire evident before, still dark.

Velars-sur-Ouche (Cote d'Or)
Church of N-D d'Estang or N-D des Tans, oak polychrome statue of Virgin found by peasants digging July 2 (feast of Visitation) 1434 on Mt. Afrique where the grass was always green and the oxen halted.

Vichy (Allier)
N-D des Malades, in Church of St. Blaise, head saved at Rev. and attached to new statue, no Child.

Villedieu (Cantal)
N-D de Villedieu in Church of N-D., tiny ancient statuette encased in the stand of the gilt Virgin, found in a hedge by oxen late 11 C.

Villeneuve-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne)
N-D de Liesse, de Gauch (joy) de Toute Joie et de Toute Grace, now generally known as N-D du Bout du Pont, in chapel of N-D du Bout du Pont, wood, poss. 17 C, original venerated since 1289, found in the R. Lot by a sailor.

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