Experiencing Saint Thérèse Today (Carmelite Studies)
Edited by John Sullivan, O.C.D.

Washington, DC: ICS Publications, 1990

This book of essays is from the Chicago symposium of 1988 marking the centenary of Therese's entrance into Carmel. Therese of Lisieux continues to appeal to a wide array of thinkers and readers today- evident from the interest in Alain Cavalier's beautiful, though flawed film Therese.

Included in this collection are "The Song of Songs and St. Therese" (Roland Murphy); "The World of Therese: France, Church and State in the Late Nineteenth Century" (Leopold Glueckert); " An Artist and a Saint: Edward Weston and St. Therese of Lisieux" (James Georghegan); "The Religious Plays of St. Therese of Lisieux" (John Russell); "Therese's Approach to Gospel Living (Redemptis Valabek); "Therese and the: Mother of God" (Eamon R. Carroll); "Therese, A Latter- day Interpreter of St. John of the Cross" (Margaret Dorgan); "A Feminist View of Therese" (Joann Wolski Conn); "Religious Devotion or Masochism? A Psychoanalyst Looks at Therese" (Ann Belford Ulanov); "Therese and the Modern Temperament (Barry Ulanov); and "Therese of Lisieux: A Challenge for Doctrine and Theology-Forerunner of Vatican III" (William Thompson).

--Thomas A. Thompson, S.M.

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